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The impact of mobility on enterprise software development

The majority of IT managers today support enterprise mobile applications. Coupled with increasing user demand for consumer-like user interfaces, sleeker applications pose a real threat to the traditional enterprise independent software vendors that do not follow suit.

Hey Hollywood, forget SOPA, ACTA & TPP. Embrace Netflix instead

Here’s a novel idea for Hollywood: Instead of forcing other countries to adopt ever tougher copyright laws, help services like Netflix and Hulu to launch operations overseas. And forcing U.S. consumers to authenticate before they can watch TV online might not be the smartest idea either.

The Pirate Bay co-founder asks for clemency

Peter Sunde, co-founder and former spokesperson of The Pirate Bay, doesn’t want to go to jail. In a plea for clemency filed this week, he argued that the case against him was full of irregularities. Sunde also shared a few more details about The Video Bay.

Meet Cloudee: Boxee launches cloud video sharing app

Boxee launched a video sharing app for the iPhone Monday that aims to make private video sharing easier. A close integration with the Boxee Box will follow soon, and a paid service tier is in the works as well. But is Cloudee Boxee’s DVR in disguise?

Counting Crows: Don’t bribe radio, use BitTorrent

Labels used to spend big bucks to promote their music on radio stations and in record stores. They should embrace file sharing instead, argues Counting Crows singer Adam Duritz. The band just released four tracks of its new album as a free BitTorrent download.

France’s new president poised to strike out 3-strikes law

Content owners have been hoping that France’s controversial HADOPI scheme for disconnecting file-sharers might provide a model for the rest of the world. Now, the fate of the plan is in confusion after last week’s election that brought Socialist Francois Hollande to power.

Russia looks to ISPs to crack down on piracy

The stereotype of Russia as a haven of copyright infringement could be a thing of the past, after officials in Moscow said they were considering holding internet providers liable for illegal filesharing that takes place on their networks.


Monetizing music in the post-scarcity age

On-demand streaming is only one part of a much broader transition taking place in the digital music industry: the shift from analog media business models to the age of digital consumption. This research note discusses that shift in light of the current music industry, where the iTunes digital download leads the market but will not necessarily lead the future. Simply put, the audio file alone is no longer the product. Instead, the experiences built around it are, and as we discuss here, services like Spotify, Facebook, Topspin and others are leading the way into this new era of dynamic, interactive and social music.

Audiogalaxy takes on Pandora with P2P radio

Audiogalaxy is back: The former file sharing service is going back to its P2P roots to take on Pandora with personalized playlists, streaming music directly from one user to another and onto mobile handsets. But this time, the company is playing by the book.

Now BTJunkie shuts down: Who needs SOPA?

One of the world’s most popular BitTorrent search engines has closed down voluntarily, as the domino effect brought on by recent moves against Megaupload and the Pirate Bay starts to hit other filesharing sites.

Neil Young is right — piracy is the new radio

Neil Young put a lot of the media industry’s hysteria about file-sharing into perspective when he said in a recent interview that “piracy is the new radio — that’s how music gets around.” In fact, a certain amount of “piracy” can be good for business.

MegaUpload and the end of a pirate cottage industry

One of the key accusations against MegaUpload is that the site knowingly paid users who uploaded infringing content. MegaUpload did pioneer affiliate programs for cloud hosters, and others quickly copied the strategy, leading to a pirate cottage industry. But these days are now over.

MegaUpload case proves we don’t need SOPA or PIPA

Not only were the authorities able to shut down MegaUpload and arrest its founders without either SOPA or PIPA, but the facts of the case raise even more red flags about what the government would be able to do to similar services under those proposed laws.

BitTorrent takes on Dropbox with personal file sharing

BitTorrent’s new Share app offers users a way to privately share files of unlimited file size with others without paying for a cloud storage service. The company is currently using S3 to cache files, but wants to eventually move to its own P2P cloud service.

Music biz loses court case against P2P developer

KaZaA, Napster, LimeWire & Co. all have been sued out of existence in the U.S., but Spain’s Blubster and Piolet music swapping apps prevailed in court today. Pablo Soto, who developed both file sharing applications, can’t be held liable for copyright infringement, a local court found.

Universal: Artists didn’t consent to Megaupload video

Megaupload sued Universal Music in federal court today, alleging that the music label is trying to censor a promotional video for the file hoster through bogus take-down notices. However, Universal said that some of the artists depicted in the video never consented to it.

Belgian ISPs pressured to pay piracy levy

Belgian music rights holders want local ISPs to pay 3.4 percent of their subscriber revenue to compensate for music piracy committed by their customers. Those customers, however, could still be sued for file sharing, even after their ISPs paid for it.

How LimeWire’s Grapevine tried to compete with Spotify

How do you convince people that the future of music is all about access, and not ownership? LimeWire thought it had a solution to this problem with its never-launched Grapevine music subscription service. What did Grapevine have to offer? Take a look for yourself.

BitTorrent tests paid µTorrent Plus client

µTorrent users will soon be able to transcode their downloads and sync them with mobile and connected devices, thanks to a new µTorrent Plus client now going into limited alpha testing. Want to check it out yourself? We have some invite codes inside.

A year after shutdown, LimeWire still hugely popular

It’s been close to a year since LimeWire was forced to shut down its file sharing platform. LimeWire’s website has since been reduced to a single splash page – but it’s still attracting more than a million people a month looking for free music every month.

Hotfile sues Warner Bros., claims wrongful takedowns

Warner Bros. systematically abused an automated takedown system provided by Hotfile, the file host claims in a countersuit against the studio. The claims made by Hotfile include information on the behind-the-scenes actions taken by Hollywood to enforce its rights against file sharing on cloud file hosts.

Dropsync for Android: A better Dropbox client

Android owners using Dropbox should take a look at Dropsync, a third-party client that offers more features than the native Dropbox software. Offering true, two-way sync, the app can be configured to sync at certain times, on Wi-Fi only or depending on the phone’s battery level.

Is photo app EyeEm taking on mission impossible?

The market for photography apps and photo sharing services is crowded beyond belief, ranging from trendy startups like Instagram to heavily-funded monsters such as Color. So why does Berlin-based EyeEm think it can make an impact? And can it succeed?

German rights holders want to sue viewers

Have you ever watched a TV show episode or Hollywood blockbuster on a website that didn’t have the proper licenses? Then you could be in trouble, at least if the example of catches on. Rights holders are threatening to sue users of the now-defunct site.

German Rights Holders Go After 300,000 P2P Users Per Month

German content owners have been busy pursuing alleged infringers: Local ISPs have to hand out around 300,000 names and addresses of file sharers caught in the act every month, according to data from a German industry association. Will we see similar numbers in the U.S. soon?

BitTorrent Debuts P2P-Powered Social One-Click Hosting

BitTorrent’s new Project Chrysalis client now makes it possible to share files of unlimited size with your friends even when you’re not online. The company is caching files and using a revamped UI to make the facilitation of BitTorrent downloads much easier than before.

British ISPs Lose Attempt to Quash Three Strikes Law

New laws to track and disconnect Britons accused of illegally downloading copyrighted files has been controversial, but after an attempt to get it overturned by the U.K.’s two largest Internet providers failed, it looks certain to be put into action.

Accellion Offers Secure File Sharing For the Enterprise

Accellion, a provider of secure file transfer solutions, has announced Accellion Secure Collaboration, a new product that aims to bring easy Dropbox-style file sharing and collaboration to the enterprise, while also providing IT departments with controls to ensure data security and demonstrate regulatory compliance.

Pirates Love Movies & E-books, Shun MP3 Files

File sharing and downloading from sites like Rapidshare and services like Usenet is shifting towards video and e-books, with MP3s quickly going out of fashion. That’s the gist of new data from a media search engine, which also shows that free MP3s are still widely available.

Anti-Piracy Law Firm Suffers E-Mail Leak

The British law office ACS:Law is know for hunting down file sharers. This weekend, it got into murky legal waters of its own after it accidentally published a number of internal emails on its web site, revealing names of alleged porn file sharers and more.

Don’t Think of It As Piracy, Think of It As Marketing

Most video- game developers see digital piracy as an enemy to be fought tooth and nail, but not Markus Persson. While he isn’t happy about people copying his game illegally, he sees it as a necessary part of doing business, and even a potential marketing benefit.

Court: Logistep Can’t Collect P2P Users’ IP Addresses

Switzerland-based anti-piracy company Logistep was handed a significant defeat by the country’s High Court today, which essentially bars it from collecting any evidence used in lawsuits against file sharing users. Logistep is now contemplating to leave Switzerland entirely as a response to the court decision.

Torrent Fans Rejoice: Boxee Adds App

Boxee users can now download torrents to a remote server and then stream the video files right within the application, thanks to a new Boxee app by The remote file sharing service could even be used to set up a cloud-based DVR for Boxee.

Veodia Now Supports Flash

Video broadcasting service Veodia (which broadcast one of our pier screenings last year) will now enable native MPEG-4/H.264 content playback through the…