Felicia day

The Guild‘s a Go for Season 5 on Xbox

The iconic web series is set for a fifth season, thanks to the return of regular sponsors Microsoft and Sprint. But what’s in store for Felicia Day and her fellow gamers? Will there be another music video? And will this be the last season?

Felicia Day’s Red A Ratings Hit

Guild creator Felicia Day’s status as a self-made mainstream star just got a major bump this week. The SyFy original movie Red: Werewolf Hunter premiered last Saturday to an audience of 2.06 million people — a major success according to SyFy programming exec Thomas Vitale.

Steampunk Series Riese Now Live on SyFy

Happy Tuesday, steampunk fans! As promised earlier this month, episode 1 of the independent web series Riese relaunched today on SyFy.com, just one step in the process towards a potential television adaptation. Re-edited in collaboration with SyFy, the new version is narrated by Amanda Tapping.

Many Guild Fans Found Show Thru Avatar Video

Getting seen is one of the toughest challenges for a web series, even a web series like the highly successful Guild. But looking at a survey conducted on The Guild‘s Facebook wall, making a music video seems to be a big help.