Fanhattan hooks up with Facebook to make video discovery social

Video discovery app maker Fanhattan is getting a lot more social, integrating with Facebook’s Open Graph to allow its users to share what they’re watching with friends. It’s also rolling out a Facebook app for discovering web-based videos from directly within the social network.

Next Up for Fanhattan: Building a Streaming Box?

Fanhattan just released an iPad app and is working its way onto connected devices. But instead of launching as a channel on someone else’s device, Fanhattan might try to build a device of its own, which would put it up against Roku, Boxee and Apple TV.

Fanhattan Takes Content Discovery to the Cloud

Vuze has a novel new product offering it hopes will help users browse and find the content they want on connected devices. The key to making the new offering, called Fanhattan, work is a cloud-based approach to serving entertainment information onto connected devices.