Twitter experiences connectivity issues on Inauguration Day

Some Twitter users are reporting issues getting access to the service, and the company wrote on its blog Monday that engineers are working on a fix. The outage comes on Inauguration Day, when millions of tweets about the inauguration are flowing through the site.

Tiger Woods, doublethink and failed startups

It’s become a piece of widely-accepted startup lore to say that failure is an important part of success. But this trio of examples highlight the fact that entrepreneurs have as much in common with Tiger Woods as they do with each other.

iOS 101: How to recover from an app or device failure

It happens to the best of us, and usually at the worst times: Your device freezes up or iOS decides to go on a long weekend without you. Don’t panic, though; there are a number of options to help get your iPhone/iPad/iPod up and running again.

Lessons in Failure: The Startup Post-Mortem

If you’re looking for tips on what not to do with your startup, reading about the failure of someone else’s company can be a good place to start. Today, it was entrepreneur Ben Yoskovitz’s turn to write about the recent failure of his startup, Standout Jobs.

Anatomy of a Failure: Lessons From the Death of NewsTilt

NewsTilt, a media startup that launched in April, shut down just two months later. Co-founder Paul Biggar has written an analysis of why it collapsed so quickly, and his post contains some useful lessons — not just for media-related startups, but for startups of all kinds.

Shouldn't We Be Celebrating Google's Failures?

Plenty of observers have been happily gloating about the failure of Google Wave, the real-time collaboration tool that the company has said it is shutting down due to lack of interest. But shouldn’t we be celebrating the fact that Google is willing to try new things?

Twitter Out For Next Few Hours

Twitter’s fail whale is back in action, which means the must have Internet service for chattering classes is down for the count. A company spokesperson said that the service has suffered an outage and won’t be back before 3 am PST.