AT&T caves, opens FaceTime over cellular for more customers

AT&T had come under fire this summer when it said only customers who subscribed to a new Mobile Share plan could use FaceTime over cellular networks. Several open internet groups threatened to file complaints with the FCC, saying it violated net neutrality.

Apple loses FaceTime patent trial, told to pay $368M

That amount may be a drop in the bucket for cash-rich Apple, but a loss is a loss: Apple was ordered by a Texas district court to pay for infringing the patents of a Nevada company that provides secure communication over VPN networks.

iOS 6 could provide seamless FaceTime from Wi-Fi to cellular

A new “Wi-Fi Plus Cellular” feature appears in the latest beta build of iOS 6. This should allow background synchronization for certain native applications but appears to include FaceTime as well, indicating that iOS 6 will support seamless FaceTime calls moving from Wi-Fi to mobile broadband.

Is FaceTime over 3G really a good idea?

Apple may be planning to add 3G data support for FaceTime on iOS devices, based on some recently published screenshots. Many have wanted FaceTime on a mobile broadband instead of Wi-Fi networks. But I’m not sold that it’s a good idea. Here’s why.

Poll: Which mobile video chat service do you use?

Many mainstream consumers were introduced to mobile video chat via Apple’s FaceTime service, but video calling from phones has been around for a while and works on regular cellular networks. Now that we have a number of mobile video chat services, which are you using?

The future of voice is “apps”

Juniper Research of the U.K. released a report that shows that by 2016 nearly four-fifths of 640 million mobile VoIP users will be making calls through apps downloaded on their smartphones, while the rest of the calls could be over phone company networks.

Tango raises $42M, will fight Skype on the desktop

Tango has raised an additional $42 million led by Draper Fisher Jurvetson. The mobile video chat provider will use that to ramp up hiring and compete against offerings from Skype and others. To do that, it will soon launch a desktop video chat app.

How to Manage Your Mac’s A/V Settings for Voice & Video Chat

VOIP and video chat solutions are becoming much more common and user-friendly. While I recommend Skype because it’s multi-platform, I’m going to take you through changing the audio/visual settings on a variety of Mac-based voice and video apps, including iChat, Skype and FaceTime.

Skype for iOS Hands-On: A Solid FaceTime Competitor

Skype’s new mobile video chat support for iOS just arrived, but how does it compare to Apple’s FaceTime? I tested the new version of Skype on a Wi-Fi call between two iPod touch devices and have favorable first impressions although both solutions have unique advantages.

Skype Looks to Accelerate Mobile Video Chat With iOS App

Skype makes it official; it’s pushing ahead with a major mobile video chat effort starting with an update to its iOS client. Skype believes this will be a major step in further mainstreaming video chat in general and accelerating the adoption of mobile video conferencing.

How Skype Could Make the Mobile Video Market Explode

Skype appears poised to finally launch a new mobile video chat service that should help propel mobile video conferencing into the mainstream. The communications platform is expected to unveil its mobile video offering at CES and has been recently teasing what the service could look like.

Tango Snags 4M Users As Video Chat Becomes the New Texting

Mobile video chat provider Tango hit 4 million users on Android and iPhone after launching two months ago and will now take its act to the iPod Touch. The expansion to the iPod Touch should continue Tango’s growth and shows the company is ready to compete.

Who’s the Audience for VoIP & Video Calls: Women or Vain Men?

Men, not the women they often say talk more than them, are the more likely users of international VoIP and video call services. With Americans spending $24 billion for international calls, alternative service providers should increase women’s awareness of such services to build their user base.

The Next Big Wave in iPhone Accessories

Generally speaking, I buy accessories for my devices either to protect them, or to improve usability. For the iPhone, that’s led to a number of different case purchases. Now I find myself searching for a new kind of supplementary hardware, and I’m not alone.

Is Skype Speeding Along its Own Demise?

Skype is making it clear that it doesn’t want third-party clients using its services. First, Fring for iPhone lost Skype support (though there was debate regarding who was in the wrong), and today, another popular multi-service IM and calling client, Nimbuzz, had its Skype privileges revoked.

Chatroulette Clone for FaceTime Mac Already Here

FaceTime for Mac only came out yesterday, but you can already get weird with it, Chatroulette style. A new app called Facelette, created by developer Zach Holman in about an hour, lets you chat randomly with strangers, on either your compatible iOS device or your Mac.

FaceTime for Mac Video Demo

For those without access to a computer that can use FaceTime, or if you just haven’t had a chance to test it out, here’s a demo by GigaOM’s Chris Albrecht. As you can see from the clip, it works pretty much exactly the way it should.

Apple Fights Back With FaceTime for the Mac

Apple will soon have a whole bunch of new users for its FaceTime video chat application. At today’s “Back to the Mac” event, Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced that the company is making a beta version of FaceTime video chat available today from Apple.com.

Tango: Good Video Call Alternative for Android, iPhone

Android phones like the EVO and Droid X have a front-facing camera to enable making video calls. The iPhone 4 has a camera too, and while FaceTime is Apple’s app for making calls on that platform, newcomer Tango makes calls possible on both iOS and Android.

Yahoo To Take On FaceTime In Mobile Video Chat

Apple should prepare for some competition for its FaceTime mobile video chat application, with the upcoming launch of a series of apps that would allow Yahoo Messenger users to video chat with each other on both iPhone and Android mobile devices.

Is FaceTime Apple TV’s Killer App?

Apple TV users really really want to use FaceTime: That’s the result of a admittedly completely unscientific poll of our readership that we did a week ago. And they’re right: FaceTime could be a killer app — all Apple needs now is an HD USB camera.

Why You Want Google Voice on Your iPhone

After over a year in limbo, Apple has reportedly approved Google’s Voice application for the iTunes App Store, indicating that the iPhone may finally see the software. Sure you iPhone owners have lived without it forever, but Google Voice is a masterful method to manage communications.

Why Apple’s FaceTime Is a Huge Opportunity

As Apple dissenters are more than eager to tell you, a front-facing camera is nothing new; it’s been available oversears for years. However, Apple did include something with every iPhone 4 they shipped that set it apart from other devices with front-facing cameras: FaceTime.

Why Apple’s FaceTime Is a Huge Opportunity

As Apple dissenters are more than eager to tell you, a front-facing camera is nothing new; it’s been available oversears for years. However, Apple did include something with every iPhone 4 they shipped that set it apart from other devices with front-facing cameras: FaceTime.

Fring Brings 3G Video Calls to iPhone 4 — Are Networks Ready?

Fring has updated its VoIP client, bringing support for the front-facing camera on Apple’s iPhone 4 with 3G video calls to other iPhones, Android and Symbian S60 devices. But there’s a reason that FaceTime, Apple’s competing product, is Wi-Fi only for now. 3G networks aren’t ready.