Facebook adds TV partners overseas

http://blogs.wsj.com/digits/2013/10/06/facebook-ads-tv-partners-overseas/ Facebook (s FB) announced last week that it’s going to provide U.S. TV networks with weekly data reports on user activity…

What do good shoes, Google+ and Facebook have in common?

My post about the Google+ redesign and the shift in direction from Facebook design has met with some well reasoned argument. Here I present my own arguments, and reason why I think the two design philosophies are moving in different direction.

Facebook opens up Messenger app to non-Facebook users

Facebook will soon allow anyone to sign up for its Facebook Messenger App with just a name and a phone number instead of requiring users to have a Facebook account. The roll out begins on Android in select countries before going international and iOS soon.

Facebook: We’re just getting started making money in mobile

Facebook’s mobile monetization efforts are just getting going but the company said it is now getting 14 percent of its ad revenue from mobile. That’s not where Facebook wants to be ultimately, but it’s a promising start, said CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

After 1 billion users, what’s next for Facebook

Facebook is now up to 1 billion monthly active users after launching in 2004. The milestone was expected but it’s a major accomplishment for the social network. The company is looking to mobile to reach its next billion users.

Why Facebook should tread carefully with expectant parents

Facebook is now encouraging expectant parents to memorialize the moment by introducing a new life event for Timeline called “Expecting a baby.” The move, however, goes too far in getting people to share about things in the future out of their control.

Facebook's Sock On The Door

Facebook’s new Timeline has been hailed as a digital mirror of our lives but it also provides a new window into the company itself. The view…

It’s a start: Facebook begins Timeline rollout in New Zealand

UPDATED. Facebook has officially started rolling out the new Timeline user interface in earnest, some 10 weeks after announcing its imminent release. But users in the company’s native United States will still have to wait for Facebook’s new look: The roll-out is starting in New Zealand.

Facebook restores chronological display option in News Feed

Facebook has begun rolling out an update to the News Feed that lets users view the most recent stories first. The move is likely in response to complaints Facebook received when it eliminated users’ ability to view the News Feed in chronological order back in September.

Facebook & its impact. [Video]

Facebook is now over 800 million strong. Nearly 350 million people use it on their phones. It is regarded as the instigator of political change around the world. This video-infographic based on a University project captures the size and scope of Facebook.

Facebook wants to be the newspaper of your dreams

Everyone’s favorite social network, Facebook, is getting even more personal, announcing that starting late Tuesday it will begin calibrating how it presents its News Feed feature based on how often a user signs into Facebook. That will more accurately highlight the most important news users missed.

Are we the Web?

Not too long ago, Om Malik blogged “the social Web mimics the way we are in the real world … in this…

Why Facebook Is Not the Cure For Bad Comments

Some believe using Facebook’s comment plugin cuts down on “trolling” and other bad behavior because it forces people to use their real names, while others say it gives the social network too much power. But when it comes to improving comments, anonymity isn’t really the issue.

Why Facebook Should Ride the Tabloid Horror Headlines

Facebook is threatening legal action after a British newspaper claimed a child abuse ring used the site to groom victims. But is this just the cost of doing business when you’re the choice method of communication for millions of people around the world?

It’s Official: Facebook Raises $1.5 Billion

There was never really any doubt, but Facebook has now officially raised $1.5 billion from Goldman Sachs and Digital Sky Technologies in a d…

Nice Move, Google — What Took You So Long?

In a clear shot at Facebook’s walled garden, Google has changed the terms of its contacts API – which developers use to pull information from Google services – so that anyone using it has to provide the same access. The question is, what took so long?

Facebook Launches A Local Deals Platform

There was no rumored announcement of some sort of “Facebook phone” but Facebook did use a mobile-centric event at its headquarters today to…

Facebook’s Mobile Ambitions Get Bigger

Facebook isn’t going the phone route yet. The social network is instead making a play to get more developers to build social apps that leverage Facebook’s social graph and features. Facebook CEO Zuckerberg said company is really looking to build a more horizontal layer of Facebook.

Facebook Global Sales VP Murphy Leaving

High-profile Facebook ad executive Mike Murphy is leaving the company, AllThingsD’s Kara Swisher reports. Murphy, who had been at Facebook s…

Facebook Global Sales VP Murphy Leaving

High-profile Facebook ad executive Mike Murphy is leaving the company, AllThingsD’s Kara Swisher reports. Murphy, who had been at Facebook s…

Bing Launches Facebook Instant Personalization

Microsoft today launched social search features for Bing created in partnership with Facebook. The two companies are teaming up to take on their common enemy, Google. The implementations are basic, but significant because they will automatically show up to all users of both Bing and Facebook.

What Would Facebook TV Look Like?

Google headlines this week beg the question: Would Facebook ever pursue a three-screen strategy by offering up its own TV platform to users? The answer could be yes, as the TV screen seems too big a honeypot to ignore for a company that lives on advertising dollars.

Debunking the Myths About Facebook’s Stock Split

On Friday, Facebook announced a five-to-one stock split, a mere formality intended to help bring its share price back down into the range of its peers. So why did much of the media coverage make it sound like it was magically pumping up Facebook’s valuation?

Facebook Revenue Estimates Go Up — Even More

It was only last month that eMarketer said Facebook’s ad sales for the year would likely total $1.2 billion. In a report today on the state…

Four Ways Facebook Can Conquer Mobile

Nearly one-third of Facebook’s 500 million-strong user base is using phones to engage with friends via the social network. Facebook ought to fulfill its potential in mobile, but the social network giant will need a more robust strategy than simply releasing a branded hardware device.

Why Google Has No Game

Google appears to have stepped up its efforts to develop a coherent social strategy. To paraphrase the Black Eyed Peas, Google is so 2000 and late, trying to get into a business that Facebook lost interest in a couple years ago.

Facebook Inside: Hardware Is Bringing Facebook Everywhere

Facebook is continuing to grow, but not all of that growth is due to features and functions of the web-based social networking service. The trend towards Facebook-enabled hardware shows no sign of stopping: cameras, picture frames, televisions and more are bringing Facebook everywhere for consumers.

Facebook Launches Places With Support of Foursquare and Gowalla

Facebook tonight presented its long-awaited Facebook Places product to a large gathering of press at the company’s Palo Alto, Calif. office. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg admitted the company had been working on the product for “a little bit more than a few months.”

The Facebook Location Perspective, Then and Now

Back when I joined Facebook in the spring of 2004 as a college student, it had a location feature. There was a space on each user’s profile that automatically indicated the dorm cluster from where they last logged in. It was WAY before its time.

The Early Facebook Employee Exodus

Staying at a tech startup for more than four years — the default stock option vesting schedule — is a rare thing. But it seems notable that at 6-year-old Facebook many early and influential employees have moved on, and many of them recently.

Is Facebook Looking to AOL For Advertising Help?

Facebook is talking with AOL about an advertising partnership, according to a report in the New York Post. Although it is still just a rumor, the idea that the social network and the web portal might be looking to work together isn’t that far-fetched.

Will Games Help Google Figure Out How to Be Social?

Despite repeated attempts, Google has failed to make much headway in the world of social networking. Now the search giant is said to be working on a social network based around casual gaming, but will doing so give it enough momentum to compete with Facebook?

Google Sees Games as a Weapon in Facebook Battle

The Wall Street Journal has added fuel to recent reports that Google is working on a gaming-based social network as a way of competing with Facebook, saying unnamed sources have confirmed to the newspaper that Google is working with several game developers, including market leader Zynga.

Amazon Connects With Facebook, but Doesn't Kiss and Tell

Amazon has launched a new feature that connects users to their Facebook profiles, and then makes product suggestions based on their “likes” and other activity. But the online retailer also stresses that it will not share any of the data it has about users with Facebook.

Facebook Officially Passes the Half a Billion User Mark

Facebook now has over 500 million registered users, co-founder Mark Zuckerberg announced in a blog post today, more than three times as many as it had in January 2009. Along the way, the company has faced privacy critics as well as unflattering stories about its co-founder.

Facebook Adds Video Viewing to iPhone App

Facebook has enjoyed tremendous growth in video viewing recently, with more than 2 billion videos viewed per month on the social network. The latest update to its iPhone app will drive more growth by giving users the ability to watch videos directly on the mobile device.

Facebook Revenue May Be Approaching $1B

Facebook had revenue of close to $800 million last year, according to a report from Reuters, more than double what the company had in 2008. That kind of growth rate is almost certain to place added pressure on CEO Mark Zuckerberg to take the company public.

Facebook: 2B Videos Viewed Per Month

Facebook is seeing more of its users upload and watch videos on its social network, as it increasingly becomes a hub for online video viewing. The social network says its users upload more than 20 million videos and watch more than 2 billion videos per month.

Facebook: Advertisers Have Quadrupled Since 2009

Amid the furor over Facebook’s handling of privacy settings on the social network, it’s easy to forget that the social network is still growing rapidly as a business. The company says the number of advertisers it is working with has quadrupled since the beginning of 2009.

Facebook Tries to Navigate the Privacy Storm

Facebook this week finally changed the way it handles privacy. The question now is whether the latest changes, and Zuckerberg’s mea culpa piece in the Washington Post, will turn the growing tide of criticism that the company has been facing.

Study Web Giants Today for Smart Grid Privacy Tips Tomorrow

The smart grid may indeed become an opportunity that’s bigger than the Internet, but like the Internet, it won’t be without its stumbling blocks. Fortunately for us, web pioneers are unwittingly providing utilities and energy management firms with an education on privacy.

We're All Likers Now: How Facebook's "Like" Is Just Awkward

“Things I Like,” and really all the terminology around Facebook’s new practice of “liking” is super awkward. You no longer “fan” pages directly on Facebook or by using its buttons around the web, you “like” them, so instead of being “fans” we’re now, what, “likers”?

Facebook Plays Privacy Twister Again

It’s almost required. Facebook makes big changes; privacy freak-outs follow. Here’s what’s setting off the latest batch in the aftermath of…

Facebook Shuts Down Facebook Lite

Facebook is not only launching products this week but also killing them. The company announced this morning it will no longer support Facebook Lite, a stripped-down version of its site meant to load faster and be more accessible in places without broadband.

Why Facebook & Apple Will Team Up Against Google

The Apple-Google breakup poses a promising opportunity for other existing and emerging technology powerhouses. But which one of them will be Apple’s new most-favored nation? Signs and logic point to Facebook.

A Changing Of The Silicon Valley Guard?

Hitwise runs the numbers and notes that for the first time ever last week Facebook passed Google (NSDQ: GOOG) to become the most visited web…

With Buzz, Google Shows its Facebook Envy

I was totally on board with Google Buzz, the company’s late entry into the modern-day social web launching today, until it became dramatically evident how freaked out Google is by Facebook. To be fair, however, Google Buzz looks quite useful.

Will Creating a SWAT Team Help Google Get Social?

Google has put together an official “Social Web” team that consists of some of the most prominent advocates of open standards for social networks. But will that help the company “get” the social web, or will it just be seen as a power grab?

Analyzing Facebook’s Forthcoming Redesign

Two screenshots of Facebook’s forthcoming redesign show some simple yet major enhancements that also reveal where the world’s largest social network might be headed. For starters, Facebook seems to be returning to its roots, emphasizing fidelity instead of noise in its news feed.

Facebook Mobile Exec Jed Stremel Resigns

Facebook Mobile director Jed Stremel has resigned, per TechCrunch, which mocoNews has confirmed. As for a replacement, Facebook says it has…

Facebook Tests Direct Response Ads

A new Facebook ad format being tested by Chick-fil-a couples direct response forms with the ads, according to Inside Facebook (via SAI). The…

Facebook Tests Twitter-Like Real Time Seach

Likely feeling left out of the real-time-search craze, Facebook said Tuesday evening that it had started testing an update to its search ser…

Users Complain, Facebook Responds–Round Two

In the face of hundreds of thousands of complaints, Facebook relented this evening saying that it would make some tweaks to the Twitter-like…

Facebook’s Friendship With Nokia Is Pending

If Nokia (NYSE: NOK) were on Facebook, perhaps its relationship status would be “it’s complicated.” The WSJ is reporting today that the two…

An Ill Wind Blows In Facebook Appville?

All of the sudden, there’s growing consternation about investing in Facebook apps. Could it be that there’s too much money going into unprod…

Hedge Fund Money for Facebook?

Yesterday’s announcement that Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) had taken a stake in Facebook left open the possibility that the social network might r…

Valuing Facebook Apps: $2 Million For “What

The New York Times takes a look at the world of Facebook-focused startups and the VCs who love them with some interesting — if not totally…

What If Facebook Taketh Away?

An interesting feature story on Wired News, about the emerging ad networks built on Facebook’s platform, and how their future is heavily rel…

Facebook Raising Warchest For Acquisitions

So reports Kara, citing sources: Facebook is raising its second institutional round, as an expected-to-be high valuation…the money raised…