Facebook ipo

Facebook IPO

On February 1, 2012, Facebook filed an S-1 document with the Securities and Exchange Commission to raise up to $5 billion in…

Facebook gets a reality check on IPO day

Once protected by the hype bubble, Facebook is getting a hard lesson in the realities of the public markets. Despite the massive build-up to its IPO today, the market response has been more tepid than expected.

Facebook IPO: Here is the best of the web

Feeling overwhelmed with all the Facebook chatter? Is all this talk of the IPO making you yearn for the weekend already? Well, we are going to make life a little easier for you and find you best stuff for you to read. Keep checking often.

Facebook IPO: Tracking the price

The time for talking has passed, and the time for buying has begun. We’re tracking what could be one of the biggest IPOs in American history–and what will almost certainly be the biggest tech IPO ever–in this post.

Are Facebook Credits the key to the social network’s future?

Facebook has been criticized recently for its lackluster performance as an advertising platform, but the giant social network has other ways of monetizing its vast user base that could have even more growth potential — including Facebook Credits. Could it become a networked version of PayPal?

VCs simply love the Facebook Mafia

Following the jaw-dropping $50 million funding of Quora, a Palo Alto, Calif.-based knowledge community, folks from New York-based research firm, CB Insights crunched some data and came up with these following stats about the Facebook mafia – aka people who left Facebook to start their own companies.

Weigh in on Facebook’s future prospects

With Facebook’s IPO scheduled for later this week, we decided to poll GigaOM readers and other technology watchers on the company’s longer-term prospects. So put the immediate future out of your mind, and think about how Facebook might evolve in the next 2 to 5 years.

Facebook brings bigger pics and posts to mobiles

Facebook users on Android, iOS and mobile browsers aren’t stuck with postage-sized pictures and posts any more. Facebook announced on Monday that it now supports full-sized pictures on all three platforms as well as posts that will automatically scale from edge-to-edge of a handheld device.

Boy in the Hood(ie)

I had no idea that Mark Zuckerberg’s hoodie would be such a big deal. I bet you even he didn’t think it would be such a big deal. The hoodie, by now is as much part of Zuckerberg’s persona as black turtleneck was for Steve Jobs.

7 stories to read this weekend

What a week! Most of the world was obsessing over the mother of all IPOs — Facebook. So no surprise, I had to include some good writing on the subject. I have already started looking beyond the social internet and got some good pointers for that.

Is Facebook’s IPO the start of something, or the end?

As everyone awaits the $100-billion Facebook IPO, the biggest question hanging over the offering is whether it marks the beginning of a new era for Facebook — or if it’s just a massive cashing-out exercise, a sign that this generation’s version of AOL has peaked?

Facebook IPO: It’s a matter of when, not if

Facebook is said to be making concrete steps toward its planned initial public offering, talking to bankers and getting regulatory filings in order for a spring 2012 IPO, according to the Wall Street Journal. This news is in line with previous reports about Facebook’s IPO plans.

Hot or not: The IPO market is what you make it

Those who think the IPO market is in the pits have short memories. Data from the last 20 years shows the bubble of the late 1990s was the exception, not the rule, when it comes to IPOs. That’s why they called it a bubble.

No IPO Till 2012: Facebook Director, Peter Thiel

Despite a lot of talk about a Facebook initial public offering, early investor and director Peter Thiel says don’t count on it until 2012. Thiel, who was extremely critical of the regulatory environment when speaking to Fox Business about what comes next for technology.

Sorry, Stock Markets — No Facebook IPO This Year

Two of Facebook’s venture capital investors told the DTD conference in Germany that the social network has no plans to go public in the near term — meaning 2010 — that the company is instead still investing in and building its business.