Facebook connect

My Web Without Facebook Connect

How important is Facebook? Very, and not in ways you and I realize. Sure you can see status updates and photos of your friends. What really is indispensable about Facbeook — its ability to glue the web together. I found that out the hardway.

Mainstream Commenters Choose Yahoo Logins

When given a choice of login systems, visitors to mainstream media properties such as Slate, Forbes, Newsweek, Discovery, Time and Press Enterprise are most likely to choose Yahoo, according to data collected by commenting system Echo, which helps power such sites.

The Scorecard: Winners & Losers of Yahoo, Facebook Connect Deal

In one fell swoop, Facebook has become the king of identity on the web. The company today signed an agreement that would integrate Facebook Connect across Yahoo and its various properties. Here is my analysis of the winners and losers in this very important deal.

Facebook Close to Burying Its Beacon Woes

At long last, Facebook is finally on its way to putting its Beacon troubles to rest. Following a class action lawsuit filed…