How Fab became fabulous in 18 months

Fab is just 18 months into its existence as an online design store, but it’s been an eventful ride. Here’s a look at far the company has come based on some figures and slides provided by CEO Jason Goldberg.

How mobile is taking over our computing load, hour by hour

The Guardian said Monday that it gets more than 50 percent of its traffic from mobile devices at 6 a.m. in the morning and on 3 p.m. on Saturdays. Fab.com said more than 50 percent of sales early Saturday mornings happen via mobile devices.

Fab CEO to entrepreneurs: learn to break up with a bad idea

Less than a year after its relaunch, Fab.com is nearing 4 million members. Co-founder and CEO Jason Goldberg talks about the once-social network’s reinvention, saying it’s not just an e-commerce site — it’s a movement.

Fab takes its design inspirations mobile

Fab.com, the design flash sales site, is on a roll with 750,000 members since launching four months ago and $100,000 in sales revenue each day. And now its fulfilling its members’ No. 1 request with mobile apps for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.