Though billed as Facebook’s developer conference, f8 is not your run-of-the-mill hacker meetup, especially not in 2011. Prior to the event, the…

Congress struggles with Facebook’s frictionless sharing

Facebook wants to make it easy for users to share which movies or TV shows they’re watching online. But a little-known law from the ’80s could hold back those ambitions, at least for users who want to seamlessly share what they’re watching on Netflix.

Don Graham, Facebook and the social news

The Washington Post’s new Social Reader is an attempt to bring the news to the people, according to CEO Don Graham. The company is taking the bold step of diffusing its own brand in order to reach a wider audience with its content.

Facebook gets a big infrastructure boost for Timeline

Facebook is putting its already immense infrastructure through an unprecedented stress test, says the social network’s vice president of engineering. That’s because the new Timeline feature takes multiple data inputs — from status updates to your songs on Spotify — and turns them into a daily journal.

Facebook, Timeline and the power of the past

Timeline is more than a design change: It’s a bigger push by Facebook to mine the opportunity in the past. Timeline means there can be a point to all of this sharing: a lasting repository that helps paint a picture of your life.

Media companies revisit their AOL days with Facebook

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said the social-reading apps the network launched with The Washington Post and other outlets would change the “way the news industry works,” but it feels more like those outlets have signed over a big part of their destiny to an AOL-style portal.

Facebook links with publishers to make news super social

Facebook has announced partnerships with a host of news publishers that will now allow their content to be viewed within the social networking site. It’s a bold move for the news industry, but Facebook will certainly benefit by keeping users even more within its walls.

Facebook debuts Timeline, a dramatically new kind of profile

Facebook announced on Thursday a dramatic new user interface for profiles called “Timeline.” In a keynote speech at the company’s f8 conference in San Francisco, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg described Timeline as “a great way to discover all the things people have done their whole life.”

As expected, Facebook music to launch at f8

About two months ago, we exclusively reported that Facebook would launch its music platform at its annual f8 conference. CNBC now reports that it will happen at the much-delayed annual developer hoopla, which is now scheduled to be held Sept. 22 in San Francisco.

Facebook Opens Up to the Web — Is That Good or Bad?

Facebook announced a series of features at its f8 conference that will allow it to track a user’s behavior and activity as they interact with various websites. Some see this as a good thing, but others are concerned about giving a single company that much power.

Facebook: The Entire Web Will Be Social

Facebook, as expected, launched its master plan to make the rest of the web social at its f8 conference in San Francisco today. CEO Mark Zuckerberg and director of product Bret Taylor laid out three major initiatives to that effect.