Evernote and Feedly hit by DDoS attacks

Evernote’s denial of service attack seems to have been going on for at least 10 hours, causing data synchronization problems for users. Feedly’s seems to be connected with an extortion attempt.

The Post-it note goes digital on Evernote

http://blogs.wsj.com/digits/2013/09/25/the-post-it-note-goes-digital-on-evernote/ Evernote is partnering with 3M on a smartphone app that will let users “photograph, store and organize pictures of their Post-its,”…

5 apps that got a big iOS 7 makeover

App developers have been busy redesigning apps and optimizing them for use with iOS 7. Here’s a look at some noteworthy changes to Evernote, Facebook, Foursquare, Kindle and Twitter.

Here is an IPO you didn’t expect: Moleskine

Who says paper is worthless in the age of iPad! Moleskine, the favorite notebook of tech people, went public today, and is valued at $626 million. It is a nice windfall for technology investor Index Ventures.

Five tools to take your recipe file digital

In my quest to create a paperless home, I recently decided to digitize my recipe file. My goal was to create something easily searchable but also, hopefully, fun to browse, just the way a physical recipe file is. Here are the tools I’m using.

6 extensions that help supercharge my Chromebook

After six months of full-time Chromebook usage, I’m hooked. But working in a browser alone would be difficult if not for some key web extensions. Here are a half-dozen that I use daily and the reasons why they make life for Chromebook users easier.

Why I think Evernote CEO Phil Libin is underrated

Evernote is one of the more understated success stories in Silicon Valley. Almost four years old, the digital clipper-locker service is a poster child for freemium business model and much of the credit goes to its CEO Phil Libin, an underrated Silicon Valley star.

Sony outs new Reader PRS-T2 with Evernote, Facebook sharing

Sony’s newest e-reader, the Reader PRS-T2, may appeal mainly due to the $129 price tag. But the ability to share passages on Facebook and integration with Evernote make it even better. Evernote is superb for clipping web content for viewing later on nearly any device.

Projectbook is the iPad productivity app for the disorganized

The $6.99 app brings access to all documents online and off, and uses natural language technology to automatically make keywords, tags and folders. Projectbook is intended to be a simple way to keep any kind of document, appointment, note, presentation, picture or recording in one place.

Springpad wants to organize your Facebook Timeline

Note-taking service Springpad wants access to your Facebook profile. Why? It wants to scrape all of those random “likes” of movies, music, restaurants and TV shows scattered throughout your Timeline and organize them into notebooks, which you and your friends can search and share.

Evernote targets user education at its annual conference

Evernote is increasingly looking at how to educate people on the many uses of Evernote and its family of products. That’s one of the big themes of Evernote’s second annual Trunk Conference in August, which will feature a lifestyle series for users.

Netflix exec: The master copy of our data is in the cloud

Netflix stores the master copy of its data in the cloud, and the company’s director of architecture Adrian Cockcroft thinks that startups should do the same thing. Cockcroft shared some of Netflix’s experiences with AWS as part of a guru panel at GigaOM’s Structure conference.

Evernote acquires handwriting iPad app Penultimate

Evernote has acquired iPad handwriting app Penultimate for an undisclosed sum — and hired the app’s founder, Ben Zotto, to “put handwriting and digital ink functionality into other Evernote products and platforms.”

ProQuest’s Udini is a cloud-based research tool for regular people

Online research database ProQuest’s usual customers are libraries and other large institutions that can afford to pay a lot for access. ProQuest’s new cloud-based tool, Udini, aims to make Internet research easy and affordable for everyday people — and builds in some Evernote and Instapaper-inspired features.

Former top Google techie takes his talents to Evernote

Mark Ayzenshtat, once a top Google engineer and the co-founder of TellApart, is joining Evernote to lead that company’s data product push. Evernote which makes it easy for users to collect and store notes, video, audio, is about to launch an enterprise push.


How scribbling on an iPad makes your work life easier

If you spend a lot of time writing in the margins of reports, editing presentations, or filling out endless forms, there’s something you should know: You should be using a tablet for all of these things. Here are four apps to get you on your way.

SocialFolders plugs into Evernote to be your social media diary

SocialFolders, a freemium application that launched last month to let you store and manage any file created on the social web, rolled out an integration with Evernote on Tuesday that lets users drag-and-drop content such as Tweets, Facebook updates, Instagram photos into their Evernote accounts.

Producteev launches slew of apps to become Evernote of task management

Producteev, a popular task-management tool, is taking a big step forward, updating its web and iPhone apps while launching new Android and Windows desktop apps. The wholesale improvements, which include TaskRabbit integration, help Producteev in its quest to become a universal task management service.

Evernote creates elegant web reading with browser extension

Evernote, the note-taking and productivity start-up, is introducing a browser extension called Evernote Clearly that offers users a way to isolate a story and present it in a clean view that strips out navigation, ads and links to other content.


Freemium is a business model that allows companies to offer basic services (digital or web based) for free and then charging fees…

Evernote hits for the cycle with iOS and OS X updates

Evernote, the popular note-taking app, recently updated its clients on both Mac OS X and iOS, and though there are highs and lows, overall each update brings appreciated improvements. The changes could even upgrade Evernote from bench-warmer to starting player in my daily workflow.

Now part of Evernote, Skitch app will be free

Evernote, the notetaking software program aimed at helping users “remember everything,” has acquired image-sharing app Skitch. The full version of Skitch previously cost $19.99 in the Mac store, but will be free and soon available on “every desktop and mobile platform under the sun.”

Evernote grabs $50M to be everyone’s “second brain”

Evernote has pulled in $50 million in new funding led by Sequoia Capital with participation from Morgenthaler Ventures. The new investment, which comes after a $20 million round last year October, will be used for aggressive growth and acquisitions as the company expands its offerings.

Evernote hits 10m users as premium membership takes off

After taking 992 days to get to 5 million members, Evernote said today it has now hit 10 million members a mere 208 days later. It’s also eclipsed 400,000 premium members, putting the company well on its way toward its goal of 1 million paid users.

Cross-Platform Syncing Solutions for Your iOS, Mac, & PC Devices

For me the revolution started with the iPhone, and once the iPad was fully integrated into my workflow, the dictator had been completely deposed: the hard drive was no longer king. Now syncing solutions keep my digital life in step regardless of my local storage situation.


How to Ride the Freemium App Wave to Success

Offering freemium versions of mobile apps is a now a full-fledged trend, so shouldn’t all app developers employ the model? Not so fast. The strategy has worked, but it requires understanding of both the market and your product, along with careful thought, planning and a willingness to keep tinkering to ensure a decent payoff.

German TV Networks to Launch Hulu Clone

Germany’s TV networks are getting ready to compete with Hulu before the U.S. site has even launched in Europe: The RTL Group and the Pro 7 Sat 1 Media AG plan to open their own Hulu-like site, offering catch-up TV for up to seven days.

Mobile Uses for Evernote’s Trunk

Evernote is my dumping ground for research ideas, quick notes, and web pages I’ve come across on the Internet and want to save for future reading. When Evernote announced its new Trunk service on Wednesday, I was immediately skeptical and derisive.

Evernote Turns Itself Into a Platform With “Trunk”

The handy digital memory software maker Evernote today is launching “Evernote Trunk,” a platform for integrated productivity applications that it will sync with, market and sell. The company hopes to share the success of its freemium business model with developers who integrate with its service.

ritePen 4.0 Adds Touch Writing to Windows

The tablet space continues to heat up with Microsoft stating tablets are on track for this year. The folks behind Evernote have released ritePen 4.0 in anticipation of these tablets. This program brings finger handwriting and touch control to any Windows 7 touch system.

5 Ways to Maximize Your Evernote Usage

Any large project I’m working on, general reference notes, or stuff I just might normally bookmark ends up in Evernote. Over time, I’ve formed a few habits to help me get the most out of Evernote and I thought I’d share them with you.

Evernote Gets an Upgrade: Versioning and Bigger Notes

Evernote is an example of the way the cloud can be leveraged to best advantage. Users of the Evernote premium service have gotten an upgrade that adds two improvements — note history (versioning) and larger note limits. Rolling back to earlier versions is now possible.

Evernote Revisited: Perfect DIY Companion

Back in early March, I revisited Fluid for OS X. Today I’m making the rounds with old software friends again, this time with Evernote. I tried Evernote when it first came out for Mac, and again when the iPhone version arrived, but neither took hold in my daily workflow. Now I’m trying again.

Another Reason to Use Evernote: Email Tag Support

Just when I thought Evernote couldn’t get any better, it does. The information collection service always supported email entry of notes, but now you can specify which notebook to capture data to. And the new hashtag feature offers customized tags for your notes.

How Handwriting Recognition Could Work on the iPad

Apple’s iPad won’t support native handwriting recognition, which has disappointed many potential purchasers. This could be due to the lighter OS or CPU, but there are some potential solutions to get around this. Maybe the client-server model will be reborn for handwriting on the iPad.


Handwriting Recognition: A Killer App for the iPad?

Our recent survey of tech early adopters and Apple enthusiasts revealed that 59 percent of Apple enthusiasts and 67 percent of mobile enthusiasts see handwriting recognition technology as a must-have feature for a tablet device. As introduced, the iPad does not offer HWR, but it’s something Apple should think about adding to increase its appeal in educational, enterprise and other specialized markets.

Lexmark Partners with Evernote — Scan Docs to the Cloud

The Evernote system is already pretty easy, but a new partnership with printer maker Lexmark looks to make it even easier. Certain Lexmark printers with integrated scanners can now access a “Scan to Evernote” option, thus scanning any document directly to the Evernote cloud.

How To Make Paper Notes Searchable For Free

Tablet PC enthusiasts have long been taking handwritten notes on the computer screen using OneNote from Microsoft. The ability to search handwritten notes in OneNote is powerful. A simple method exists that anyone can use with paper notes to make them searchable. Here’s how.

Evernote, Now Playing on Nokia N900

Evernote, a Mountain View, Calif.-based startup, says that Nokia has developed a version of its web service that allows users to capture and store information using the built-in sharing functionality of the N900. It is made possible using a plug-in using the Evernote API.

Android This Week: Nook Gets Pandora; Nexus Appears at Google

This week, Google gave its employees a new phone that’s based on future Android technology, hacks of the Android-based Nook e-reader were made, Evernote was launched for the platform and reports emerged that Motorola’s Backflip may be the first Android phone on AT&T’s network.

Evernote Launching Android App

Evernote, a Mountain View, Calif.-based company that makes my favorite cross-platform app, is all set to release the final Android version of it. It will be available for download in the Android market sometime today.

How Freemium Can Work for Your Startup

Freemium -– a business model that works by offering basic services for free but charging for premium features — is being viewed as the new way to do business in startup land. It has its champions and its detractors. But if you want to make it work for your startup, here are some tips.

How Second Life found its 2nd wind.

“Second Life was just unfundable,” Linden Labs founder Philip Rosedale tells Inc. magazine, in this interview. We’re huge fans of Inc. at…

Skype This and Skype That

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