Evan Williams

How to design a store in a world of connectivity

Is the store still relevant when consumers can buy goods online anywhere, anytime? For sure, but it has to become something else, according to Tesla’s George Blankenship. You can learn more about this topic through this short video clip, or in depth at our RoadMap event.

Medium is well done, but is it the future of publishing?

Evan Williams and Biz Stone have launched a new web-publishing platform called Medium that they hope will be part of a reinvention of digital content. But apart from founders with a great pedigree, it’s not immediately clear what Medium offers that other services don’t.

Facebook buys Karma app

Newly public Facebook says it is buying Karma, a mobile social gifting app. The news was released via Karma’s blog. The deal terms were not announced. Facebook plans to keep the service alive. A Facebook spokesperson says it is an acquisition & not an acquhire.

Twitter founders’ Obvious Corp. looks to encourage with Lift

Obvious Corp, a new venture launched by Twitter founders Evan Williams and Biz Stone, has announced its first partnership with Lift, a startup founded by entrepreneurs Tony Stubblebine and Jon Crosby, who are looking to encourage human potential through positive reinforcement.

Twitter and the Power of Giving People a Voice

During an interview at the Web 2.0 Summit, former CEO and Twitter co-founder Evan Williams said that the network "lowers the barriers to publishing about as far as they can go." Not everyone sees this as a good thing, but the impact of it is enormous.

Twitter “Screwed Up” With Developers, Founder Says

Twitter co-founder and former CEO Evan Williams admits the company “screwed up” its relationship with third-party developers in the past, and told Web 2.0 Summit attendees today this happened mostly because the startup didn’t originally plan to become a platform company.

Twitter: From Gawky Teen to Responsible Adult

Twitter co-founder Evan Williams’ decision to step down as CEO in favor of COO Dick Costolo and recent moves to try and crack down on uses of the word “tweet” are two signs the startup is trying to grow up and get serious about its business.

Breaking: Twitter Founder Steps Down, Costolo New CEO

Twitter founder Evan Williams announced today in a post on the company’s blog that he is stepping down from the CEO position at the rapidly growing social-networking startup, and that former chief operating officer Dick Costolo will take the CEO position, effective immediately.

Twitter: No Plans to Build Desktop Clients

In a Q&A conducted with users today from his personal Twitter account, CEO Evan Williams shared his company’s product roadmap details in the wake of the relaunch of Twitter.com. Perhaps most interestingly, he said that Twitter does not plan to release official desktop clients.

Ev Williams: Twitter Will Actually Help Information Overload

Given the opportunity, Twitter CEO Evan Williams will happily extemporize at a high level about the ideas that drive his company (which is now up to 145 million users). Williams contended tonight that the medium of Twitter is (gasp!) actually well-suited to handle information overload.

Evan Williams: "Twitter Is the Ecosystem"

“Twitter has always been about developers,” Evan Williams told Chirp attendees today. “Twitter is the ecosystem more than any other web services that has ever existed. You’ve helped define it, poured in your time and energy all the while putting up with our growing pains.”

Twitter Walking a Tightrope With Developers

The relationship between Twitter and third-party app developers has become strained, after comments by Twitter investor Fred Wilson sparked a debate over which features the company might copy or buy. But while Twitter is big enough and well-funded enough to ignore app developers, it probably shouldn’t.

Twitter CEO Ev Williams: Further @Anywhere Details at Chirp Conference

At SXSW today, Twitter CEO and co-founder Evan Williams announced the availability of Twitter’s @Anywhere platform but offered scant details. On Twitter he promised that all details will be announced at Twitter’s official developer conference that will be held on April 14-15 in San Francisco.

Twitter Finds a Business Case

Twitter reached out to the enterprise market for the first time yesterday with the unveiling of Twitter 101, a web-based guide aimed…

The Latest On Twitter: CEO Williams Talks

The rapid growth of micro-blogging service Twitter over the past year has led to endless speculation about the company’s future, from how it…

Inside The Twitter-Summize Deal

So it’s confirmed: Twitter is buying Summize. As I’ve said previously, I think this is a super-smart move by Twitter, and if the company plays its cards right, one that will pay dividends in the long run. Here are some additional financial details of the deal. Continue Reading