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European regulators clear mobile broadband for take-off

Suffering Twitter withdrawal while you’re flying over European Union airspace? You may be in luck, after regulators changed radio spectrum rules to allow the use of mobile broadband 3km up in the air — but the decision really rests with your airline.

Digital Public Library of America will launch on April 18

The Digital Public Library of America, an initiative to make the collections of research libraries, museums and archives freely available to the U.S. public online, will launch on April 18 with an initial collection of two to three million items.

European companies should gird for big cloud spending

Bad economy aside, European government agencies and private businesses will be strongly encouraged to beef up their cloud infrastructure in a forthcoming report by the EC-sanctioned European Cloud Partnership. A leaked report said companies/agencies should invest €45 billion in cloud computing by 2020.

Across the planet, broadband is getting faster & faster

The global broadband revolution is in full swing and across the planet we are seeing people logging on the internet with faster and faster connections. It is new economies that are among the fastest. What is most astonishing – laggards like India & UK going zoom zoom.

Are Microsoft and Nokia closet patent trolls? Let the EC decide.

Google has filed an antitrust complaint with the European Commission against Microsoft and Nokia and is also tattling on the companies with U.S. regulators, accusing them patent-troll-like behavior. The good thing about filing a complaint with the EC is Google doesn’t have to do the legwork.

UK startups say they’re ignoring EU cookie laws

Controversial European privacy rules that require websites to inform users about tracking cookies are finally hitting Britain this weekend. But the country’s startups seem to be taking no notice of the law, despite the fact they face up huge fines for non-compliance.

Buckle up for a new wave of cloud protectionism

Another European country is pushing a nationalistic agenda when it comes to cloud computing, one that could have huge repercussions for U.S.-based cloud powers and the nature of cloud computing in general. France Telecom is pushing a French cloud to feature built-in-France technology.

Samsung’s EU patent strategy could lead to Apple win

A move made recently by Samsung to counter Apple’s ongoing legal assault on its allegedly patent-infringing products could come back to bite the Korean electronics manufacturer. The European Commission is looking into whether or not Samsung’s claims might constitute an an abuse of FRAND patents.

Europe’s ISPs hold faster broadband hostage

As the EU looks at delivering faster broadband across its member states, a report by the chief executives of Alcatel-Lucent, Deutsche Telekom and Vivendi are asking that the EU allow ISPs to charge content providers for pushing bits across their pipes.

Britain Says ‘No Thanks’ to Europe’s Cookie Monster

The possibility of Europe-wide restrictions on the tracking cookies used by online advertisers had some up in arms. But the threat has been dispelled — at least in Britain, where the government suggests that browsers rather than websites should offer users better ways to stay private.

How Low Power Chips Can Beat Back Vampire Power

IBM thinks that tunnel field-effect transistors could cut transistor power use by tenfold and virtually eliminate vampire power, and it’s working with European researchers to bring the idea from lab to market in six to 10 years.

EU Could Turn Google, Facebook Into Privacy Felons

Lawsuits against companies such as Google and Facebook for breaching privacy rules would become even more likely under new rules being considered by the European Commission, along with criminal sanctions and fines. European regulators have been far more active on privacy concerns than U.S. authorities.

EU's Digital Agenda Could Mean Headaches For Apple

The European Union’s new Digital Agenda, which is designed to improve access to technology, could force companies such as Apple to open up their businesses by requiring them to offer interoperability and open standards, even if they are not the dominant player in a market.

Google Mostly Wins EU Trademark Court Case

A European Union court decision says that Google can continue to sell trademarked terms as advertising keywords, but the EU’s highest court left the door open for future lawsuits against the search company — if it’s found to have encouraged trademark infringement through its AdWords service.

Google Gets Tough With EU on Street View

A senior Google executive has said that if the European Union continues to push the search engine to modify the length of time it keeps Street View images of European cities, it may decide not to produce any further photos for the service in Europe.

EU Wants Google Street View Curbed

European regulators have told Google that it needs to take a number of steps to make its Street View service comply with privacy regulations, including warning people more obviously when they are going to be filmed and shortening the amount of time the images are kept.

Google's Antitrust Woes Are Just Beginning

Despite a flurry of reports about an EU antitrust investigation into Google, the European Union denies that any such investigation has begun. However, complaints of anti-competitive behavior are only likely to increase, as Google’s market dominance in search-related advertising and search marketing increases.

Can the Cloud Catalyze Change in International Data Laws?

Most cloud providers house services in only a few geographically distributed data centers, and national or continental data storage regulations can limit how -– and if -– organizations move their operations to the cloud. Can legislation can be passed that takes into account such realities?

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