European Commission

FTC “enormously concerned” about some mobile patent tactics

The Federal Trade Commission is taking a close look at the use of “standards essential” patents in the smartphone patent wars, Chairman Jon Liebowitz said Thursday, implying that the use of those patents in a quest seeking an injunction is troubling to the agency.

Mediabank Acquires DSP AdBuyer

Mediabank, one of a number of companies that is trying to expand the methods of online media buying to traditional media ad sales, has acqui…

AnyClip CEO Departs After Failing to Get Many Clips

AnyClip CEO Aaron Cohen has left the company and has been replaced by former Fandango CEO Art Levitt. The move comes as AnyClip has so far failed to line up the content partnerships it needs to make clips from films available through the service.

EC Media Commissioner Backs Google Books Plan

Given all the controversy, legal action and anti-trust scrutiny surrounding Google’s plans to digitise millions of books, the search giant h…

EU, UK Clamping Down On Mobile Content Scams

Two new government initiatives to crack down on rogue mobile phone services: Just days after the EU said it would force operators to lower S…

EU Vows To End SMS Roaming Rip-Offs

Here it is: After months of threats and warnings, the European Commission announced today that it will end

More on FCC Fiber Decision

Folks at SBC are pretty kicked about the whole fiber decision thing. Following the extension of monopolistic situation, SBC says it will…