If left unchecked, cloud fever could make us sick

For better or worse, cloud computing has rushed toward centralization, leaving us with few options for where our data can live. It’s time to consider more private alternatives to the centralized cloud. BitTorrent’s Erik Pounds explains why.

First Apache-blessed CloudStack code debuts

The first version of the CloudStack open-source cloud platform carrying the Apache Foundation imprimatur is now available for download. The new “Incubating release” 4.0.0 integrates CloudBridge Amazon API support and support for Ceph and Caringo storage options.

What role does open source play in cloud computing innovation?

Why use open source for building and designing cloud? Because open-source software stacks offer a huge amount of customizeability so the cloud you build actually does what you need it to do — and without huge licensing fees.

Eucalyptus rakes in $30M, keeps open cloud battle interesting

Cloud platform provider Eucalyptus will use $30 million in new Series C funding to build its engineering and sales staffs, said CEO Marten Mickos.
The round was led by Institutional Venture Partners with contributions from Benchmark Capital, BV Capital and New Enterprise Associates.

OpenStack, Canonical Paving More Routes to the Cloud

This week brought several examples of existing software and on-premise cloud solutions becoming a little easier to use or more widely available. While none were individually significant enough to spark dramatic transformation of the industry, these new tools, when put together, signify a maturing market.

Marten Mickos Talks Red Hat, OpenStack and M&A

Private-cloud pioneer Eucalyptus is furthering its partner-centric growth strategy by partnering with Red Hat. Possibly more important than the announcement, though, is the timing: Eucalyptus is not the only internal-cloud software on the market, and it needs to win back its space in the spotlight.

More Cash for Hot New Cloud Startup, VMOps

Two-year-old startup VMOps, which has developed software that in essence allows companies to deploy an equivalent of Amazon’s EC2 service using commodity hardware to build their own private cloud, is in the process of closing a $11 million Series B round.

Open Source for the Cloud

Eucalyptus, an open-source infrastructure for cloud computing on clusters that duplicates the functionality of Amazon’s EC2, directly using the Amazon command-line tools,…