Why cloud computing is still a hard sell, but doesn’t have to be

When Ericsson invested millions into platform-as-a-service startup Apcera, it wasn’t just about gaining an equity stake in a fast-growing company. On this week’s Structure Show podcast, Apcera’s Derek Collison and Ericsson’s Jason Hoffman discuss the strategic value and how governance and cloud are a great marriage.

Is the iPhone overcrowding the world’s 3G networks?

There are an awful lot of active iPhones in the market, and according to a new report from Ericsson, those devices are having an outsized impact on the world’s 3G networks. Traffic from the iPhone is nearing 50 percent of all data traversing carriers’ HSPA networks.

Mobile data traffic doubled in past 12 months

Thanks to our obsession with our smartphones and tablets, the demand for mobile data is exploding. Ericsson, a telecom equipment maker, says that from the second quarter of 2010 to the second quarter of 2011, mobile data traffic more than doubled and will continue to grow.

Singapore, Stockholm Top Networked Societies Index

Singapore topped the Networked Society City Index, created by Ericsson and consulting firm Arthur D. Little. The NSCI Index looks at how 25 major cities are using technologies to grow and manage themselves. Stockholm, Seoul, London and Paris make up the top five.

HSPA Just Keeps Going and Going to 168 Mbps

Ericsson said it has achieved downlink speeds of 168 Mbps on HSPA wireless networks using technology that would require operators to have more spectrum and some slightly tweaked consumer devices. Is HSPA set to become to wireless networks what copper is to wired ones?

Sprint’s Future: No iDEN, LTE (Maybe)

Sprint is rolling out a $4-5 billion plan to modernize and converge its network in a wide-ranging effort that will mean the end of its iDEN network and a possible embrace of LTE down the road. The plan will take 3-5 years to complete.

As Need For Mobile Speed Grows, 3.5G Networks Boom

As need for wireless speed grows, carriers are turning to 3.5G wireless broadband technology called HSPA+. There are 58 HSPA+ networks live across the world. Of the total, 19 were launched in 2010 alone. Another 43 networks are waiting in the wings.

Mobile Milestone: Data Surpasses Voice Traffic

Mobile data traffic outnumbered voice traffic for the first time last December, according to wireless equipment vendor Ericsson. Worryingly, that data traffic was generated by an estimated 400 million smartphones compared with 4.6 billion mobile subscribers making voice calls. What happens when everyone has a smartphone?

Cisco's Grand Video Plan

Cisco, having determined that its growth in the enterprise has pretty much stalled, has decided that video — from teleconferencing to cable — is the answer to its growth problem. To that end, it’s positioning video traffic as the new data — ready to take over the web. And Cisco is betting that cable operators and carriers panicked by the rise of video content are going to start building their own optimized video networks that the company calls a medianet.