Eric Schmidt

Where in Asia is Google’s Eric Schmidt?

Google’s Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt has earned a lot of Google air milage points recently, touting technology in stops across Asia. Take a look at where he’s gone and what he’s been up to along the way.

The Apple Roundup: Apple marketing’s war on language

Here’s our daily pick of stories about Apple from around the web that you shouldn’t miss. Today’s installment: Apple’s copywriters are freaking out linguists; Samsung, Google meet to talk Apple; guilt over buying iPhones made by exploited workers; accessibility features in iOS 6, and more.

Inspired by Google, Chicago pursues gigabit broadband

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is embarking on a gigabit fiber project, thanks to the suggestion of Google’s Eric Schmidt, taking advantage of the overhaul of its water infrastructure to lay new data pipes. The plan is create 15 tech zones to feed Chicago’s growing startup community.

With $2M from Eric Schmidt, biNu brings smartphone apps to dumb phones

Eric Schmidt’s Tomorrow Ventures is leading a $2 million Series A round in biNu, an Australian startup that enables feature phones to run cloud-based smartphone apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia and Google. BiNu highlights the opportunity in developing markets where smartphone penetration is low.

Google’s Eric Schmidt gets his Facebook digs in

Speaking to Boston University’s graduating class of 2012 on Sunday afternoon, Google’s Eric Schmidt took some veiled potshots at archrival and newly public Facebook. Schmidt didn’t drop any F-bombs, but everyone got the message.

This week in the Oracle/Google trial: Week 2

One of the biggest trials in the recent history of the tech industry is in full swing, as Oracle (s orcl) and Google (s goog) debate whether or not Google improperly used technology from Oracle’s Java when developing Android. Here’s what happened during Week 2.

Asteroids: a future source of energy materials

Here is a wild idea: mining energy materials for batteries, fuel cells and other electronic devices from asteroids. Except that is exactly the plan announced by a startup on Tuesday that counts Larry Page and Eric Schmidt as investors.

Google still having to prove it’s ready for mobile

One year into the second coming of Larry Page, a lot has changed but one thing hasn’t: Google is still making boatloads of money off its core search product and still having to face questions about whether it is prepared for its world to change.

Fresh Amazon claims highlight Europe’s tax trouble

Reports suggest Amazon has paid almost no tax in the UK, despite making billions of dollars by becoming Britain’s biggest online retailer. It’s another example of how tax avoidance has become a troubling issue facing the entire continent.

Hey, new-and-improved Google, please fix your apps

Google under CEO Larry Page will focus on easy, intuitive user experience, according to VP Marissa Mayer. Taking her at her word, could the company please, please get to work on its productivity applications and really fix Google Docs and Gmail?

Google’s Schmidt preaches tech utopia to the choir

Google chairman Eric Schmidt is a passionate advocate for technology, and he laid on the charm in an hour-long appearance at Mobile World Congress that was part Chrome commercial, part techno-utopian vision, and part high-brow version of Reddit’s Ask Me Anything. Here’s what he said.

Google fights iOS developer advantage with new Android classes

In an apparent effort to close the gap on iOS and its developer advantage, Google has announced a new set of Android developer classes aimed at helping walk developers through a series of lessons. Android Training will offer more than 30 lessons on larger topics.


Opportunities for the future of batteries

If there is one thing to know about the pace of progress for battery innovation, it’s this: There is no Moore’s law for batteries. The rapid progress that has been made over the past decade in silicon and computing makes the pace of innovation in batteries, in comparison, look like a statue perched in the Louvre. However, that doesn’t mean that researchers and corporations aren’t trying. Here are several of those innovations and why they are important to the future of our always-on mobile world.

Britain’s $25 computer is coming by Christmas

Raspberry Pi, the British outfit trying to build and sell low cost computers to help teach children how to code, has garnered plenty of attention in the past few months. Now director David Braben says the first devices will be on the market in weeks.

Steve Jobs vowed to “destroy” Android

Apple has a lot of cash in the bank, and now we know that Steve Jobs had at least one grand plan for it: Destroy Android. Excerpts from his upcoming biography show Jobs was willing to go to great lengths to remedy the “grand theft.”

BBC mulls new effort to kickstart computer education

The BBC played a huge part in the British computer boom of the 1980s by supporting local manufacturer Acorn. Now, with the U.K.’s computer education under criticism, it is considering whether to take on a similar role in the 21st century.

Eric Schmidt challenges teachers: get with the program

Google chairman Eric Schmidt says that Britain’s schools should focus on teaching kids not to use programs, but to build them — an allegation that increasingly faces Western education. So how do we get better computer teaching? And what happens if we don’t?

Quixey raises $3.8 million for smart app discovery

Quixey, an app search engine with initial seed funding from Eric Schmidt’s Innovation Endeavors, has just announced $3.8 million in new funding. The company is trying to capitalize on the boom in apps, which is opening up opportunities not just for developers but app discovery services.

Schmidt dismisses Android patent suits, but partners unsure

If Android’s mounting patent issues are a concern, Google chairman Eric Schmidt isn’t letting on about it. He dismissed the growing patent issues as “legal fun” at a Google mobile event in Tokyo and called out competitors for their propensity to litigate instead of innovate.

Five Things Eric Schmidt Said and What He Really Means

Google chairman and former CEO Eric Schmidt took the stage at the All Things Digital conference and talked about a number of Google issues including privacy and failing to understand online identity soon enough — here’s a translation of what he said, and what he really meant.

The Distribution Democracy and the Future of Media

Unless media corporations stop defining themselves by their products, they are going to be unable to navigate the big shift that is changing the rules of the game — what I call the “democratization of distribution.”

Eric Schmidt Explains How Google Hires

While the world might never know exactly how Google makes its hiring decisions, former CEO Eric Schmidt gave a little more insight into the process during a recent McKinsey conference in Washington D.C. Schmidt expressed the company’s preference for employees that don’t need much managing.

What If Google Is Just a One-Trick Pony?

Google justified its CEO swap by saying the company needed to become more flexible. But what if the search giant’s biggest problem isn’t a lack of flexibility, but a fundamental inability to create new lines of business? What if it’s just a gargantuan one-trick pony?

Analysts Shrug Off Google’s Shakeup

The unexpected news that Google (NSDQ: GOOG) CEO Eric Schmidt will step down does not seem to have concerned Wall Street. In a series of rep…

Page As CEO. Is That What Google Really Needs?

Google CEO Eric Schmidt is stepping down to become executive chairman of the web giant, and Larry Page is taking back the chief executive position he had until Schmidt arrived in 2001. But does the Google co-founder have what Google needs right now?

Eric Schmidt Replaced by Founder Larry Page as Google CEO

Google announced that it is reorganizing its executive staff, making co-founder Larry Page CEO while current CEO Eric Schmidt will assume the role of Executive Chairman. Meanwhile, co-founder Sergey Brin will focus on strategic and new projects.

The Network Computer Arrives…Finally!

Larry Ellison first touted the idea of network computer in 1995. One of the early believers was Eric Schmidt, then with Sun Microsystems. Today, with the launch of Chrome OS, his line long dream of a network OS, centered around web and net-applications has fine come alive.

Schmidt Tells Colbert: “We Don’t Do Data Mining”

Google CEO Eric Schmidt went on “The Colbert Report” last night, where host Stephen Colbert asked him about search history and privacy. Perhaps Schmidt is on tour to combat the Consumer Watchdog videos that portray him as a creepy ice cream man who harvests kids’ data.

McAdam as Verizon COO: More Google, Less Neutrality

Verizon today appointed Lowell McAdam the company’s chief operating officer in preparation for Ivan Seidenberg’s eventual retirement. The news signals a move away from landlines and toward mobile, where it has net neutrality impacts due to the tech bro-mance between McAdam and Google CEO, Eric Schmidt.

Amprius: Building a Better Battery, from the Anode Up

Lithium ion battery Amprius tells us that it has demonstrated in the lab the basic recipe for a much higher energy density battery that can tolerate the hundreds of charge cycles needed for long-lasting electronic devices. Up next, batteries for electric vehicles.

Eric Schmidt: Welcome to “Age of Augmented Humanity”

We are now entering the “age of augmented humanity,” Google CEO Eric Schmidt today in Berlin. Schmidt tied together Google’s efforts in artificial intelligence, on smartphones and on connected devices like the coming Google TV platform to draft a master vision for the future of technology.

Social Gaming Network Raises $2 Million

Social Gaming Network has raised $2 million in its first tranche in what it expects to be a much larger second round of funding from Google…

Schmidt Says Google TV Ads Will Be a Cash Machine

In an interview with Fox Business Network, Eric Schmidt said Google TV is about “building a platform with millions of people using these technologies” and that thanks to the ability to target advertising, ads on the new Google service “should be worth a lot of money.”

Eric Schmidt’s Speech at ASNE: The Video

Google (NSDQ: GOOG) CEO Eric Schmidt gave a speech at the ongoing American Society of News Editors conference Sunday evening, which we cover…

Pic of the Day, From Abu Dhabi Media Summit

The biggest frenemies together: Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google (NSDQ: GOOG) & Maurice Levy of Publicis, one of the largest ad holding companies…

Dear Eric: The Proper Response Is "I'm Sorry"

Google’s new Buzz service has generated a flurry of privacy concerns, but what has been Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s response? To suggest that users are overreacting, that “no one was harmed,” and to effectively blame users for misunderstanding the terms of the new service.

Google CEO Gets a Twitter Handle on @ericschmidt

Google chief Eric Schmidt is tweeting from a verified account: @ericschmidt. If you can’t get your real name as a handle on Twitter, then what’s the point of being the CEO of the borg? You can follow him, but I don’t expect him to say much.


With Verizon, Google’s Android Flexes Its Muscles

Multiple stars are suddenly aligning for Google’s open-source Android operating system, and the key to how it will succeed long-term (giving Apple’s iPhone, RIM’s BlackBerry and Nokia’s phones serious competition) is coming into view: flexibility. And it’s on the smartphone front that Android has seen the biggest benefits from its flexibility. After months of speculation, Verizon Wireless and Google have announced a far-reaching partnership that will result in everything from new Android handsets (only weeks away) to development of new Android applications. Among several types of upside that Android will benefit from through this deal, the platform gains a new, heavy-hitting wireless carrier in addition to the two it already has — and therefore gains more carrier choice — a form of flexibility that calls out one of the iPhone’s most glaring shortcomings. Interview is a boot-strapped startup that has been a labor of love for the three founders, Sol Lipman, Jacob Knobel, and David…

Is It Time to Buy Google Shares?

Google shares recently fell as much as 67 percent from an all-time high in November of 2007. But while there is plenty of reason for concern in the short term, there are also signs that Google is growing slowly more integrated into many facets of our online experiences. So does that mean it’s time to buy Google shares?

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Google’s Eric Schmidt Details Energy Plan

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Eric Schmidt: Google-Yahoo Deal On For October

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