Apple chooses design over recyclability. Will anyone notice?

Last month Apple asked that EPEAT, the standards group responsible for rating the recyclability of electronics products, drop 39 of its computers and monitors from its rankings. The company is being honest about prioritizing design over recyclability. But will mainstream consumers care?

5 ways to harness info tech to fight climate change

This is Jonathan Koomey’s fourth essay in a series of four this week that highlights, and excerpts from, his upcoming book, “Cold Cash, Cool Climate,” which discusses how entrepreneurs and investors can profit from tackling climate change, one of this century’s greatest challenges.

Apple suppliers singled out as cause of environmental damage

A report released Wednesday morning by a group of Chinese watchdog groups criticizes Apple for using suppliers that consistently threaten the environment and the health of their workers. It will be interesting to see if calls for greater transparency are answered, given Apple’s generally secretive tendencies.

Is Reading on Your iPad More Green Than Paper Books?

Many people use the iPad to replace a physical library of paper books, mostly because it’s very convenient to do so. But is it also better for the environment? A recent report considers the ecological effects of e-books in general, and specifically addresses the iPad’s impact.

Reforest the Planet With Your iPhone

The iPhone is a lot of things to a lot of people. You can control your home, buy movie tickets, track projects,…

Apple’s New Manufacturing Process

Along with all the other technology that Apple announced today, there was quite a bit of time devoted to showing off the…

Earth2Tech's EcoTour of Google Earth

[qi:_earth2tech] Google Earth’s bird’s-eye view of the globe is being used by environmentalists, concerned citizens, and yes, eco-bloggers, to map the effects…