A startup emerges to help time shift energy use

It’s a hot day and you agree not to jack up your air conditioner in exchange for a discount on your utility bill. Startups like Smart Grid Billing are developing applications to help manage this process, and the startup plans to launch a pilot next month.

How Gridium is making sense of energy data

A new startup called Gridium, which launched a couple months ago and is co-led by energy entrepreneur Tom Arnold, has developed software that can help industrial and commercial building owners tap into smart meter data to help lower their energy bills.

Why FERC’s energy storage ruling is important

The Federal Regulatory Energy Commission recently passed a new rule for frequency regulation to support emerging technologies that can provide quick bursts of power to the grid. We break down what this new rule means and who will benefit.

EnerNOC buys up Energy Response to tackle Australia

Demand response company EnerNOC has one of the most aggressive acquisition strategies in the smart grid sector, and that doesn’t look like it’s slowing down. On Wednesday it announced that it has acquired Energy Response, a demand response provider in Australia and New Zealand.

California Lays Out Smart Meter Privacy Rules

California’s utility regulator has proposed rules on how home energy devices should protect smart meter data privacy — and whether the device is “locked” into one company’s platform or technology or not will be a big deal.

ET Water Bags $2M to Peddle Smart Water Gear

Entrepreneurs and investors have long believed water tech represents the next big market. ET Water Systems hopes to ride this wave and announced Monday that it had raised $2 million for a new irrigation control and management technology.

Demand Response “Negawatts” Getting a Pay Day

The federal grid regulator has ruled that the “negawatts” delivered by demand response companies deserve the same market prices as megawatts of generated energy — a ruling that could pay huge dividends for the demand response industry.

Demand Response Goes to the Cloud

Will demand response move to the cloud? Lockheed Martin is linking demand response with a cloud-based smart meter platform for cooperative utilities, and EnerNOC is turning to Salesforce.com for smart grid-customer interaction.

EnerNOC: Revenues Up, Profit Up, Denies PJM Claim

U.S. demand response leader EnerNOC took time during its Wednesday year-end conference call to defend itself in a market rules dispute with big customer PJM, saying the grid operator wants to “underpay” EnerNOC for its negawatts.

EnerNOC’s Acquisition Train Keeps Chugging

Silver Spring Networks might be the technical “Cisco (s CSCO) of the smart grid” (well, before Cisco joined the space), but demand response company EnerNOC has the famous acquisition habits of the router giant. And this morning there was one more — here’s the tally to date.

EnerNOC Buys M2M for Farming Demand Response

EnerNOC is buying a piece of the agricultural demand response market with its purchase of Boise, Idaho-based M2M Communications. Will controlling irrigation pumps be a field of growth for the demand response industry?

EnergyHub Raises Funds, Brings EnerNOC President on Board

Startup EnergyHub is raising funds to help make the transition from small-scale utility pilots to commercial deployments over the coming years, and has also brought on a high-profile new independent director onto its board: EnerNOC (s ENOC) President and Co-founder David Brewster.

Smart Grid Acquisition Tally To Date

There’s been so many acquisitions in the smart grid sector as of late, we’ve been updating the tally every couple of months. Since September there’s been at least six more, so we’re updating our list once again.

Beyond Demand Response: EnerNOC Expands

The demand response players continue rebranding. EnerNOC has launched its EfficiencySMART brand to tie together its building energy management, sustainability planning and energy procurement lines of business from building to enterprise.

EnerNOC Reports Solid Quarter, But Lowers Year Profit View

Despite the fact that the demand response sector has been facing consolidation and disruption by new technologies, market leaders are still making money, at least in the near term. This afternoon demand response grandaddy EnerNOC reported a solid third quarter, but lowered its annual profit view.

Why Comverge Is Rebranding Demand Response

Comverge has rebranded itself as a provider of “intelligent energy management” services. What does that mean for the demand response provider’s future against big competitor EnerNOC and upstarts in the smart grid space?

Big Money for Smart Grid Hand Holding

Adding digital intelligence to the power grid is a complex and unfamiliar task for utilities, and they’re going to need a lot of hand holding. That’s going to drive the “smart grid managed services” market to more than $4.3 billion in global revenue by 2015.

The Smart Grid Acquisition Train Keeps Chugging

The smart grid is one of the best places to sell your startup. In the past few weeks Cisco has grabbed wireless networking startup Arch Rock and Constellation Energy said it plans to buy demand response provider CPower. Here’s the latest tally.

Demand Response M&A: Constellation Snaps Up CPower

One of the oldest smart grid technologies out there is also one of the most ripe for M&A: demand response. And that’s not a coincidence. On Friday power company Constellation Energy announced that it plans to acquire demand response and energy management provider CPower.

Will ZigBee Rule Networked Lighting?

Stealthy startup Daintree Networks wants to take a slightly different tack than its competitors — deliver ZigBee-based, interoperable lighting controls to market by partnering directly with the incumbents. Will the big boys be interested?

Cali Opens the Market to Demand Response

Wanted — California electricity consumers who can turn off 100 megawatts or more of power use on a moment’s notice. In return, you can get paid as if you’re actually generating that same amount of power, with prices set on the open market.

Honeywell Keeps On Smart Grid Shopping

Along with eager smart grid acquirers EnerNOC and GridPoint, looks like Honeywell is becoming yet another firm to sell your smart grid startup to. On Thursday, building automation giant Honeywell said it has acquired E-Mon, a thirty-year-old company that sells submetering hardware and software.

EnerNOC: What Heat Wave?

Power grids that emerged unscathed from the recent heat wave in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states have demand response companies to thank, and proved it’s a good idea to get the demand response word out when the electrical grid starts feeling the strain.

I See You: Video Chat Taking Off

Phones with video chat capability have been out in Europe for years, but getting the ability on two of the biggest smartphone platforms will expose the feature to millions who have no idea such video calls are possible. A new comprehensive report details this upcoming boom.

When Negawatts Equal Megawatts, Demand Response Blooms

Is a negawatt worth the same amount of money as a megawatt? The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has said yes, at least tentatively, and this could spell big new opportunities in the demand response industry. At the same time, it could give technologies that enable turning down energy use new and interesting ways to pay for themselves.

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