How do you hire great engineers? Give them a challenge

Good engineers are tough to come by, a fact of life for many startups. That’s why Quixey invented the Quixey Challenge, a coding puzzle for engineers that gives them a minute to fix a bug in a famous algorithm, which it uses as a recruiting tool.

The Silicon Valley’s Real Old School Incubator

Long before there was a Y Combinator or a 500 Startups, there was SRI International — an old school, non-profit research and development organization that’s been incubating since before incubating was cool.

A Little Perspective: Twitter Now Has 140 Characters

When it comes to employee-to-global-attention ratio, Twitter has everyone beat. The company yesterday celebrated its 140th employee (aka character) last night with an office dance party — a tiny number considering Twitter’s influence on the world.

Adobe Laying Off 680 Employees

It’s official — following several tweets today from Adobe (s ADBE) employees, a company spokesperson confirmed for us that Adobe “filed an…