Pan-Pacific Smart Grid: Japanese Giants Move to Maui

Maui is set to become a smart grid showcase, courtesy of Japanese giants like Hitachi, Sharp and Hewlett-Packard Japan. These companies are among the partners that signed on to a long-range project announced Tuesday, aimed at integrating the Hawaiian Island’s renewable power and plug-in vehicles to come.

The U.K.’s Nationwide Smart Meter Cloud Plans

Can the cloud handle the energy and smart meter data of an entire country? The U.K. is working on several nationwide smart meter data clearinghouse projects that could be a start, and companies like IBM are targeting the market.

Energy Market Deregulation and its Opportunities

Deregulated energy markets, with companies competing with one another for customers, could be great places to test how technologies and services engage customers. Whether that will lead to energy savings is less clear, however.

Verizon Brings the Smart Grid to the Cloud

For months, Verizon has seemed to be trailing rival AT&T on smart grid initiatives. Not anymore, if news from the smart grid conference Distributech in San Diego this week is any indicator, including an announcement to offer a cloud-based smart meter management service with eMeter.

Next Up for Netflix: Android Phones and Tablets?

Now that Netflix has an app on the iPad and the iPhone, it could make a push into the Android ecosystem based on job postings that have cropped up. An Android app could expand Netflix’s audience base even further, especially on new Android-based tablets.

Tech Companies Call for Obama to Unleash Energy Info

Every home and business should have access to “timely, useful and actionable” energy information, said a group of close to 50 companies — including Google, Silicon Valley venture firms, and smart grid startups — in a letter addressed to President Obama on Monday.