Here’s what Europe needs to copy from Silicon Valley

Should the tech hubs of Europe — or anywhere else desperate to become a center of innovation, for that matter — ignore Silicon Valley or mimic it? There are good reasons to try and start over, but don’t throw everything that we’ve learned away, says Dan Crow.

Newsprint joins the internet of things

Print and digital media are so disconnected, they often appear a lifetime apart. But new technology promises to bridge the divide and save newspapers by bringing interactive buttons, Facebook likes and audio playback to newsprint.

Target confirms Apple mini-store test program

Target will soon offer store-within-a-store-type setups in 25 of its locations, the company revealed during a presentation on Thursday. The move backs up a report from last week that suggested Apple may be extending its partnership with the U.S. retail chain.

Archos fights Kindle Fire with $199 Honeycomb tablet

Archos announced on Tuesday an updated 7-inch slate, called the Archos 70b, calling it the first Google Android Honeycomb for under $200. That may not be enough to sway consumers from the $199 Kindle Fire with its custom user interface and broad media ecosystem.

Stat Shot: Web-enabled CE devices to outsell PCs by 2013

Connected consumer electronics are poised to surpass PC sales by 2013 as tablets, televisions, game consoles and Blu-ray players all latch on to the web, says iSuppli. All of these devices will add strain to wired and wireless networks for years to come as a result.