Electric cars

Electric car charger testing in a box

With electric cars slowly rolling out in 2012, can a business model be built around providing a new kind of testing equipment for electric car chargers? A startup called Gridtest Systems hopes so, and has just started selling its diagnostic machines.

Tesla scores electric Mercedes-Benz deal

Tesla (s TSLA) reported fourth quarter and full year earnings on Wednesday and in its shareholder’s letter revealed that it has started a development program with Daimler to build a new electric Mercedes-Benz vehicle with a Tesla powertrain.

BASF pumps $50M into battery maker Sion Power

Lithium-sulfur battery maker Sion Power said in a government filing near Christmas that it had raised $50 million from an unnamed investor. Now the mystery is over. The company on Thursday revealed that the equity came from chemical giant BASF.

Tesla investor takes a Model S beta for a spin

When you’re investor in electric car company Tesla, you get to test drive the car you helped fund. Draper Fisher Jurvetson Partner Steve Jurvetson shot this video of his recent test drive of a Model S Beta around a track at Tesla’s Fremont, Calif. factory.

A dictator and his souped-up electric car

It’s always fascinating to see how dictators spend big money on their hobbies while letting their people live in poverty. The takeover of Moammar Gadhafi compound this week unveiled a private side of the Libyan leader, and among the finds was an electric car by Fiat.

Tesla Expands Its Apple-Style Stores

Tesla is expanding its Apple-inspired interactive stores, designed by former Apple exec George Blankenship, and has opened up its second one in Park Meadows, Colorado, just outside of Denver. Check out our video tour of the first interactive store and an interview with Blankenship:

BMW Launches Electric Car Compatibility App

Interested in buying an electric car, but not sure if it fits your lifestyle? BMW — which has been rather hesitant when it comes to EVs — recently launched an iPhone app designed to help users discover if they are a good fit for owning an EV.

Green Overdrive: Wrightspeed Unveils Factory, Drive System

For this week’s Green Overdrive show, we catch up with Wrightspeed founder Ian Wright (part of the founding team of Tesla) at the ribbon-cutting ceremony at his new factory. Wright shows us the company’s digital drivesystem, which will be used to build extended-range electric trucks.

Top Gear Responds: Round 2 in Tesla v Top Gear

An executive with the BBC show Top Gear has responded to the law suit that electric car maker Tesla delivered to it last week, accusing the show of libel and malicious falsehood. In a blog post, Top Gear Executive Producer Andy Wilman denies Tesla’s claims.

Tesla Roadsters Rack Up Collective 10M Miles

Sometimes it’s easy to forget how early electric car startup Tesla was in terms of getting commercial EVs on the roads. Tesla says its Roadsters have driven a collective 10 million miles, which has saved 500,000 gallons of fuel and 5.3 million pounds of carbon emissions.

Electric Motor Maker Remy Files for IPO

Following Tesla Motor’s successful IPO last year, now more hybrid and electric car tech makers are looking to land on the public markets. Remy International, which makes starters, alternators and hybrid and electric motors, has filed for an IPO for up to $100 million.

Porsche Primes Boxsters for Electric Drive

Porsche has tapped a trio of Boxster sports cars to serve as the latest guinea pigs in the automaker’s experiments with electric drive. But if you’re eager to see Porsche joining Tesla Motors in the all-electric sports car market, don’t hold your breath.

GigaOM’s Summer Reading List

At some point you’re going to step away from the computer and take a break this summer (right? promise us!). Here are some of the GigaOM team’s favorite recent reads for that moment — a diverse list that reflects the many topics that interest our writers.

Tesla Stock Sinks Below $17 IPO Price

Tesla’s stock has sunk for the first time below its $17 IPO price, shedding more than 16 percent today to close at $16.11. At one point the stock traded as low as $15.83, a significant drop from last week’s peak above $30.

Watchdog to Renault: Stop the Bogus Electric Car Ads

Electric car makers, watch your language — that’s the message of a ruling today from the UK’s independent advertising regulator. The watchdog has moved to ban an ad for Renault’s Fluence Z.E. model based on misleading claims about emissions savings.

Tesla Goes to London

Londoners and travelers with some time to kill in the neighborhood of Heathrow Airport — or at least the electric sports car…

UK Electric Car Distributors on the Brink as EV Sales Plummet

UK Electric Car Distributors on the Brink as EV Sales Plummet. NICE Car Company, one of London’s two electric-vehicle distributors, entered administration yesterday. That’s akin to filing for bankruptcy, a term that does not apply to companies in Britain. Going Green, which distributes the G-Wiz, a popular electric two-seater, is struggling to stay afloat.

Demand for Tata Motors Slumps, Nano Stays in Neutral

Tata Motors (s TTM), India’s largest auto manufacturer and would-be maker of the ultra-cheap Nano and the electric Indica, shut down its factory in Jamshedpur today for the second time in less than a month. Set to last five days, the closure is an attempt to keep vehicles — and losses — from piling up as recession puts the brakes on demand.

Why MySpace Music Is Likely to Fail

MySpace Music, a new music service from the social networking company and a consortium of big music labels, is expected to debut soon. But it’s entering an arena already filled with well-entrenched players; how can it possibly hope to compete?

Tesla's Other Lawsuit

[qi:_earth2tech] While “Tesla Motors v. Fisker Automotive” is a juicy story of alleged automotive espionage, Earth2Tech has come across another lawsuit involving…

PR 2.0: PodShow on TiVo

News is swirling that PodShow will announce a deal next week that makes its content available to TiVo‘s 10 to 12 million…

Democracy is now Miro

As the world of internet tv heats up, there are more and more options to keep track of. Joost has made the…

Does your house VoIP?

The looming VoIP patent mess not withstanding, In-Stat, a market research firm says that 9% of US households were using VoIP at…