Edward Snowden

Europe’s response to U.S. surveillance is hopeful rather than harsh

The European Commission has set out its plan for restoring “trust” in the way the U.S. treats Europeans’ data. However, while it calls for more respect for EU ciitizens’ rights, the plan mostly amounts to asking the Americans to stick to the rules they’ve agreed to, and to be clearer about when surveillance may take place.

NSA taps credit card transaction data, report claims

http://www.spiegel.de/international/world/spiegel-exclusive-nsa-spies-on-international-bank-transactions-a-922276.html The NSA may have found a way to monitor some credit card transactions, according to a Snowden-derived report from Germany’s Der…

Dear stupid, stupid NSA

Who thought subverting not only widely-used security mechanisms, but the security standards-setting process itself, was a good idea?