Why data centers have a big impact on the economy

Data Centers have come under attack as terminally wasteful and “dirty” enterprises that offer little in the way of jobs. Joe Weinman, senior VP at Telx, disputes that, and says in fact they indirectly employee countless thousands across many industries.

What can startups do if the euro topples?

With Europe’s currency on the brink of collapse, is there anything startups and investors can do to avoid risking their businesses? We asked some of the continent’s top venture capitalists what they are doing to try and sidestep the crisis.

Want to boost the economy? Just Google something.

Want to help stimulate the economy? You may not need to go any further than your web browser’s search box. Each online search engine adds about 50 cents to the worldwide economy, according to a new research report from consultancy giant McKinsey & Company.

Silicon Valley & The Scent of Money

Back in the day, I’d occasionally write “A Letter from Silicon Valley” posts, often outlining what was going on in Silicon Valley. With talk about Angels, Super Angels and Start-ups, I thought, “why not post a report on what I see on a daily basis?”

Google Asserts Its Worth to the U.S. Economy

According to Google, the company’s search and advertising businesses helped generate an estimated $54 billion in economic value for the U.S. last year, an estimate that’s clearly an attempt to promote the company’s value at a time when it’s coming under fire from legislators.

Why Tech May Rebound in 2010

While the economy’s longer-term health remains as uncertain as ever, the outlook for tech is – for the next several months, at least – getting brighter. Companies feel more comfortable spending on new technology as well as online ads. And consumers are spending more.

Daily Sprout

Sakti3 to Team Up with GM on Battery Tech: Khosla Ventures-backed startup Sakti3 is collaborating with engineers from General Motors to design…

Will a Shift to Cloud Computing Create or Cut Jobs?

Will cloud computing, as some predict, be to information technology today what automation was to the assembly line in the ’80s? If so, what happens to those jobs — and to the people who used to do them?

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Cleantech Deep Dive: The first report in a thorough three-part series on how companies are navigating this make-or-break period for cleantech looks…

Daily Sprout

Tesla vs. Recession: Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk says the Model S sedan factory is no longer a done deal, but the…

Ireland Calls for 10% Electric Cars by 2020

The Bay Area mayors who set out last week to make their region a capital of electric vehicles have a new rival overseas. Ireland’s government today announced a goal to have 10 percent of all cars running on electricity by 2020.

Are founders significantly richer than most people?

Harvard thinks so. “Entrepreneurs are, on average, significantly wealthier than people who work in paid employment. Research shows that entrepreneurs comprise fewer…

UMPC notes from WinHEC

Linda Epstein of Tablet PC2 goes to all the fun events and right now she’s at WinHEC.  In typical fashion she’s posting…

Primus dials UTStarcom for Lingo.

Its all about the ATAs really. UTStarcom is actually announcing a brand new line of VoIP products for residential and enterprise markets.…

You know its over

When PR folks discover a trend and pile on. It is the case with Indian tech boom.