Two (more) signs that our economy is in trouble

You and I don’t need to see charts to figure out that our economy is in deep trouble. Nevertheless, here are two that show that we are facing some headwinds, the impact of which will be felt in the tech economy as well.

The Cloud Cozies Up to Healthcare

The economic stimulus incentive for healthcare providers who adopt electronic health records (EHR) is helping fuel innovation in cloud solutions in this area. Vendors are rushing to bring EHR solutions to market. But what benefits can a cloud-based EHR bring as distinct from other delivery methods?

Dude, Where's My Ad?

Last week, Silicon Valley woke up to find itself caught in the death grip of the credit crunch. As to which sector is going to get hit the hardest, the consensus so far is: advertising. Continue Reading.

On Clouds, the Sun and the Moon

When it comes to cloud computing, the main value proposition for the user — better economics — is pretty straightforward. But it needs to be economically feasible for the providers, too.

Tap McKinsey's Brains for Your 2008 B-Plan

We like The McKinsey Quarterly, and today three of its consultants published a report on eight emerging technology trends they think will…

Sun + AMD = The Future

Given that it is hard to keep up with the news from US tech land while reporting two stories here in India,…