Report: Tablets now drive more ecommerce traffic than smartphones

Monetate, which analyzed more than 100 million online shopping experiences, said that in the first quarter of 2012, tablet traffic to commerce sites hit 6.52 percent, overtaking smartphones (5.35 percent) for the first time. Tablets are already ideal shopping devices and they’re only growing in popularity.

Boku signs up Sprint, sets sights on physical good sales

Boku, one of the leaders in carrier billing, has finally signed a direct billing deal with Sprint, giving it direct integration with all four major U.S. operators. The broad coverage should make it more appealing to merchants and open up potential sales of non-digital goods.

iPad users account for 25 percent of’s sales said iPad users represent 15 percent of its customer but make up 25 percent of revenue. And 40 percent of iPad users make their first purchase within 3 months. IPad app users are expected to bring in twice as much revenue as non iPad users.

Mobify launches tablet optimization tool for websites

Mobify is betting that companies want to optimize their websites for tablet use in the same way many have modified their sites for smartphones. The company is releasing a tablet optimization product that makes it easy for a site to convert to a more tablet-friendly design.

Etsy to become an indie biz one-stop shop

While many artisans have made good money by selling through Etsy, CEO Chad Dickerson said the next step is to help them grow and expand in whatever way they want to. And that means rethinking what Etsy is and its value proposition for its merchants. makes first acquisition: indie market FashionStake

Online design store is just seven months old, but it’s showing all kinds of momentum, racking up 1.65 million users and 750,000 items sold so far. Now, the company is making its first acquisition, buying up FashionStake, an online marketplace for independent fashion.

EBay, PayPal see a very mobile future

EBay’s mobile business is growing so fast, it doesn’t even know how to predict what to expect months into the future. It’s now predicting it will do $8 billion in gross merchandise value and PayPal will do $7 billion in mobile payment volume in 2012.

PayPal softens its stance on NFC as it pitches retailers

PayPal has been down on near field communication for payments, saying it was avoiding NFC because it needs at least three to five years to get traction. But the company is softening its stance as it prepares to pitch retailers on its vision for in-store payments.

PayPal, mobile commerce fuel strong quarter for eBay

Aided by growth in its PayPal business and mobile commerce, EBay recorded a strong quarter with revenue up 32 percent and income up 14 percent. In the third quarter ending Sept. 31, eBay’s generated $3 billion in revenue while earnings hit $490.5 million.

Shopify raises $15M to expand online shopping platform

Shopify, the online shopping platform, has helped power more than 15,000 e-commerce store fronts including shops for Angry Birds, the Beastie Boys, General Electric and Tesla Motors. Now, the Ottawa company is announcing it’s raised $15 million in a Series B round. tries online pop-up stores

Design flash sales site has been on a tear in its first three months, racking up 600,000 users in 12 weeks. Now the company is trying to kick-start the idea of online pop-up stores with a new series of limited-time retail shops inside of

Want some cheese with that wine? Lot18 has you covered

Lot18, the membership-only daily deals website for high end wine, is set to expand into three new product categories: food, epicurean travel, and spirits. Lot18 will start rolling out the new verticals, starting with food, within the next several weeks, CEO Philip James tells me.

So What Comes After Social Commerce?

If the first phase of e-commerce was the utilitarian hunt for staples, the next phase of e-commerce is about recreational shopping. So it needs to be a more fun and social experience which gives an edge to companies that encourage deeper social experiences.

No Hiccups. Online Shopping Off To A Good Start

By most estimates, 2010 will be a record year for online sales during the all-important months of November and December (collectively known as the holiday season.) And so far things on Black Friday are going smoothly without any glitches, a good sign for the sector.