Introducing a farm tech to reduce water and energy needs

As the planet reaches 9 billion people by 2050, technologies that reduce energy and water needs for farming will become increasingly important. A Silicon Valley startup called mOasis is working on materials that can help farmers produce more crops with less energy and water.

WePay updates payments platform, adds ultra-easy invoicing

Online-payments processor WePay has added a new feature to enable its users to quickly and easily create invoices to bill clients. With its “commerce-in-a-box” platform, WePay claims it can help businesses start creating and sending invoices in under a minute.

PayPal plans to be in more than 2,000 Home Depot stores by March

PayPal has said this year will be a learning year as it rolls out its in-store payment system. But that doesn’t mean it will all be small pilot programs this year. A company spokesman told Bloomberg that it expects to be in more than 2,000 Home Depot stores by March.

ShopSavvy brings instant scan and buy to mobile shoppers

RedLaser and ShopSavvy have been helpful in letting smartphone users compare prices and decide if the product they’re seeing in-store can be found for cheaper. Now, those apps are letting people not only find better deals but also immediately buy them right through their apps.

How to get $$ for your old iPhone

Want to buy a new iPhone 4S, still have the plain old iPhone 4 in your pocket? Act fast, and you might get lucky: A number of companies are offering good money for used iPhones. Ebay even pays up to $357 if you sell right away.

How to Sell Your iPad for Instant Upgrade Gratification

Conventional wisdom and a knowledge of Apple’s hardware upgrade cycles suggests the iPad 2 will be an evolutionary update, not a revolutionary one. Even so, it’s hard to avoid upgrade fever. Here’s how best to sell your existing iPad to fuel the purchase of your next.

Mobile Shoppers Putting More Pressure on Retailer Pricing

Two new data points from eBay and Scanbuy about the growth of mobile shopping suggest where things are ultimately headed: Deal-hungry users are increasingly going to put pressure on retailers, both online and offline, to change prices in real time to satisfy these more savvy buyers.

Groupon’s Rise and eBay’s Decline

On the surface, the fast-growing daily deal site Groupon and eBay have little in common, but, according to CapLinked CEO Eric Jackson, the economic factors contributing to Groupon’s growth would be doing the same for eBay, had eBay not made a long series of strategic blunders.

Appcelerator and PayPal Plan Mobile Commerce App Explosion

Appcelerator, which makes the Titanium mobile development platform, is working with PayPal to enable a potential deluge of mobile commerce apps from merchants looking to connect with smartphone savvy customers. The new product, called Titanium+Commerce, will enable many of the hottest ideas in mobile shopping.

PayPal Still Making the Cash Registers Ring at eBay

PayPal continues to be the primary engine of growth within eBay, judging by the online retailer’s latest quarterly results, and the company’s CEO says that within the next few years, the online and mobile payment business could be larger than eBay’s core online marketplace business.

eBay's Crossroads: Turn Around or Break Up

The thing about corporate turnarounds is that they’re supposed to turn a company around — as in 180 degrees — not stop halfway and let the company drift sideways. But something like that is happening to eBay: Its long, slow turnaround is, well, turning flat.

Ebay Keeps Trying With Classifieds

Ebay is trying — again — to challenge Craigslist in the U.S. classifieds market with a relaunch of its Kijiji classifieds site. The compan…

eBay's Turnaround Is in Jeopardy — What Now?

What happens when your turnaround takes an about-face? Although eBay CEO John Donahoe has implemented changes to drive new business in the company’s core marketplace division, it’s looking like he needs to come up with some additional new ways to bring consumers back to the site.

Will the iPhone Save eBay?

eBay is introducing a second free iPhone app today, eBay Deals, which scrapes the site’s listings for those with less than four hours left, no bids, no reserve and shipping included.

Skype's Troubled History With Ebay, in Links

Skype’s four year run under Ebay has been beset with troubles, and finally that is about to come to an end, as it gets sold to an investor g…

MJ Fans Flock to eBay for Memorabilia

[qi:109] Millions of people logged onto the web when the news of Michael Jackson’s sudden death broke last week, and they’re continuing…

Analyst: eBay Will Have A Rocky 2009

Media companies of all kinds are expected to struggle this year for many of the same reasons, but Collins Stewart analyst Sandeep Aggarwal s…

Skype Founders Might Buy Back Firm From eBay

Skype’s two founders have joined a growing list of suitors possibly interested in buying the service from eBay (NSDQ: EBAY). The New York Ti…

VCs Pump Money Into eBay Rivals Like Swoopo

Look out *eBay* — VCs keep lining up to invest in your competitors. The latest auction site is Swoopo, which has nabbed $10 million in a se…

What's It Going to Take to Fix eBay?

In November 2004, eBay’s stock was trading near an all-time high at $56 a share, having risen sixfold in a little less than four years. This month, shares were trading below $10. eBay needs a fix, but there aren’t a lot of easy options before it.

eBay's Mobile Plans For PayPal

eBay (NSDQ: EBAY) CEO John Donohoe plans to highlight the promise of its PayPal payments unit during the company’s annual meeting March 11,…

Skype's Growth Starts to Slow

eBay (s EBAY) today turned in a lukewarm performance for the fourth quarter of 2008, posting sales of $2.04 billion vs. an…

Skype & the Cost of Playing in China

Skype President Josh Silverman says privacy breach in China is a TOM Online issue. Don’t blame them. Of course, he never talks about the number of Chinese Skype users – huge and big portion of Skype user base.

The Cloud Grows Up

The cloud is growing up. Its rite of passage comes this morning with the announcement that Amazon Web Services will now provide…

FCC Handcuffs U.S. Mobile

FCC Chairman Kevin Martin said recently he was dismissing a petition from Skype that would force operators to connect any lawful device to the telephone network provided it doesn’t do harm to the network. The decision demonstrates nothing less than a failure on the part of a U.S. government agency to comprehend the available technology infrastructure. And it portends for a less competitive U.S.

eBay's Seller Rebellion

[qi:004] eBay sellers decided to boycott eBay listings in order to protest the recent changes in the feedback policy and fee-hikes. The…

100 M&A Deals. 100 Startup Lessons

Our friend Steven Nielsen over at PartnerUp , the online network that helps entrepreneurs find co-founders, sent us a handy index he…

Skype Hangs Up On Some Londoners

[qi:090] Remember how we complained about Google-owned GrandCentral doing a switcheroo on their promise of one number for life? Well, Skype is…

Greenback Blues? Not In Techville

[qi:053] James Surowiecki, reknown author, speaker and the financial correspondent for The New Yorker, in a recent article explains why no one…

Static On Skype, Zennstrom Quits

Niklas Zennstrom has resigned as CEO of Skype, but will become non-executive chairman of the company’s board. Michael van Swaaij, eBay’s (EBAY)…