Hallelujah, Christians get their own e-reader

Christian Family Stores’ new e-reader, the color-screen edifi, is a low-end version of Barnes & Noble’s Nook Color — and $10 cheaper, at $149.99. Can features like safe-search web browsing and Christian apps entice shoppers to buy the edifi over more mainstream devices?

QR Codes For Print Books

If you prefer a few digital extras with your Chekhov, you’re in luck: Independent Brooklyn-based publisher Melville House is launching a ser…

LibreDigital Raises $4 Million More

LibreDigital, which helps publishers deliver their content to e-readers and to digital bookstores, has raised an additional $4 million. The…

Google eBookstore Finally Opens For Business

After a series of delays, the Google (NSDQ: GOOG) eBookstore is finally open for business. The initial plans for June 2009 called for 500,00…

Kno Gets $46M For Tablet-Based Digital Textbook

Kno, a California-based startup that plans to launch a two-screen “digital textbook” later this year, today announced that it has raised a $46-million financing round led by Andreessen Horowitz, with Silicon Valley Bank and TriplePoint Capital also participating in the debt and equity funding.

The Morning Lowdown 08.09.10

»  After the recession caused a pullback in funding original online video production and distribution, the spigots appear to be op…

Why Amazon's Kindle Will Eventually Win the e-Book Wars

Despite the threat of competing e-readers such as the Nook, an impending price war and the omnipresent threat of iPad, Amazon’s Kindle will be the winner of the e-book war. All Amazon has to do is stay true to its technology roots and focus on users.

Computing's Gone Mobile, So Now Make It Pay

ARM, whose architecture is the basis of the processors inside most cell phones, plans to tour the country sharing the future of mobile computing in the coming weeks. Before that effort got underway I asked for a sneak peak which is shared in the following video.

iPad or Not, Amazon Will Still Make a $1 Billion From e-Books

The iPad, some say will kill Amazon’s Kindle Reader and setback its e-book efforts. Analysts at JP Morgan think otherwise. They believe that despite increased competition from not only iPad but other devices, Amazon can still make a $1 billion from its e-books business.

Books Are Becoming Fringe Media

Of all the books I’ve read in my life, a shockingly small percentage have been read in the past several years. The big threat to Amazon’s Kindle isn’t people reading e-books on the iPad or the Nook. It’s that books are becoming fringe media.

Kindle DX Goes Global

Amazon is going to start selling a global version of Kindle DX for about $489 starting Jan. 19. The device will sell in over 100 countries. It uses GSM technologies — GPRS, EDGE & 3G — to power Amazon’s global WhisperNet for free downloads.

E-Reader Madness: The Nook, The Que, The Alex

A busy day in e-reader announcements. Some highlights:

— Barnes & Noble: Barnes & Noble event is hosting an event in NYC Tuesday — and th…

Prime View Ups Terms Of Deal For E Ink

With some shareholders threatening not to approve Taiwan-based Prime View International’s offer to purchase E Ink, Prime View has now upped…

Chart: Dissecting The E-Reader Market

The current crop of e-reader buyers are mostly men who have money and are into gadgets, but the next wave, according a Forrester study, will…

Analysts: Kindle Book Price Hikes Are Coming

Don’t expect the majority of Kindle books to be priced at $9.99 for too much longer. In a report Friday, Bernstein Research Analysts Claudio…