E Ink

Bad sign for e-readers? E Ink sales plunge

E Ink Holdings, the leading provider of e-ink screens to companies like Amazon and Barnes & Noble, just had its worst quarter in four years. But the company says it sees growth in the e-reader market outside the United States.

Want to reinvent TV? Don’t forget the TV

The future of TV may not be about apps, second screens and over-the-top at all but about new types of screens that fill entire walls and work together in a modular fashion. And the TV of the future may be a bit like your dog.

Your Future Samsung Phone Might Use a Color E-Ink Screen

Samsung has acquired Liquavista, a display company that uses an electrowetting technology for color screens. The process uses electrical charges to move colored oil and can use reflective sunlight to consume less power. With refresh rates at 60 frames per second, could smartphones use these displays?