New stats: Ebooks still growing, but more slowly

New stats from the Association of American Publishers provide a snapshot of publishers’ revenues through August 2012. While ebook revenue is still increasing, publishers are no longer seeing triple-digit growth in adult fiction and nonfiction ebooks.

Oyster gets $3M to become the Spotify of books

Oyster, a new startup that wants to be the Spotify of books, announced it has raised $3 million led by Founders Fund. The money will help Oyster build a library that allows members to access an unlimited number of books for a monthly fee.

Amazon launches standalone Kindle Store in India

Twenty-four percent of Indian adults with Internet access have bought an ebook. Now that group could get a lot bigger: Amazon has launched a standalone Kindle Store in India and is selling Kindle exclusively through Indian electronics chain Croma.

What will the global e-book market look like by 2016?

New data from PwC’s media report projects that e-books will make up 50 percent of the U.S. trade book market by 2016. What will happen in the rest of the world during that time? PwC gave paidContent an exclusive look at the new report’s e-book data.

After 3 months, Amazon restores IPG’s Kindle titles

Three months after Amazon yanked book distributor IPG’s 5,000 titles from the Kindle store in a fight over terms, the two companies have come to an agreement and Amazon has restored the titles. IPG’s letter to clients is below.

Sex, love and romance, for $9.99

In a move to build community and learn more about its customers, mid-sized publisher Sourcebooks is launching a romance e-book club that gives members e-books, discounts and access to online parties and live events for $9.99 for six months.

Is making books social a good thing or a bad thing?

As almost every other form of media from newspapers to television becomes more conversational, books have remained relatively anti-social. Author and tech blogger Clive Thompson says he is excited about a future in which e-books are more social — but is that what readers want?

An Amazon Store In Seattle?

A new report suggests that Amazon (NSDQ: AMZN) is opening a small, Kindle-focused retail store in Seattle to test whether the concept could…

The Queen On Kindle

When you unwrap your new Kindle on Christmas morning and are wondering what to read first, may I suggest Her Royal Majesty’s Christmas Day s…

Interactive ebooks take on fiction novels

New transmedia publishing company Chafie Creative Group is trying to breathe life into fiction novels with a new iPad app called Immersedition, which will showcase the written word and storytelling while enhancing it with an array of interactive elements like maps, character profiles and videos.

First Impressions: A Kindle worthy of Touch

If Kindle Fire is a disappointment as a tablet, then Kindle Touch is the epitome of e-book reading experience It’s simple, elegant, easy, lightweight and just great at what it’s supposed to do: offer up reading pleasure. I was impressed in the first couple of hours.

What’s a book? It’s whatever you want it to be

As the disruption of the book industry continues, media companies are showing an increasing interest in “format shifting” by publishing their own e-books using content that they have already created, moves that are taking them into the growing market between full-length books and magazine articles.

Amazon Could Be the Next Big iTunes Competitor

After standing by while Amazon gleefully grew its e-book business on the iPad’s fertile soil, Apple recently enforced in-app purchasing — which should surprise no one. But Apple could grow to regret this move, as it could force Amazon to create an iTunes of its own.

Kindle Is Amazon’s Best Seller, Even in an iPad World

Amazon’s latest Kindle reader, just five months old, is already the company’s best selling product ever. Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos, explains that Amazon can see many customers own both a Kindle device and an LCD tablet, underscoring Amazon’s wise move to make Kindle a platform.

Kindle for Android Gets Periodicals, In-App Store

Amazon has rolled out a major new version of the Kindle app for Android that adds magazines and newspapers to the standard e-book fare. The app also adds shopping capability within the app, making it easier to browse for new content, and usability improvements.

Google’s New Bookstore Cracks Open the E-book Market

Google today launched its long-awaited electronic book store, called simply Google eBooks, with more than 3 million titles and 4,000 publishers participating as partners. The move is likely to ramp up competition in the e-book market, which until now has been dominated by Amazon and Apple.

How Starbucks Can Become the Barnes & Noble of E-books

Many of us go to Barnes & Noble for the comfortable environment created by overstuffed chairs and (Starbucks) coffee. But there’s reason to worry that the cozy brick-and-mortar retailer might not be around forever. Who will fill the void if it goes the way of the dodo?

E-book Numbers Hint at Amazon Domination

When Amazon made the claim a few months ago that it owned a 70 to 80 percent share of the e-book market, we wouldn’t have blamed you for rolling your eyes. After all, the company has been criticized for its outlandish claims around e-book sales.

Will E-books and Music Get Google Into Your Wallet?

Amid talk surrounding the Apple-Google app store battle, many have overlooked Apple’s main advantage: the direct billing relationship with consumers thanks to iTunes. But Google now sees a new entry point to your wallet which hits right at the core strengths of Apple: music and books.

Oxford Dictionary Goes Online. Do You Really Care?

The company that publishes the Oxford English Dictionary said it may never appear in print again, thanks to a continuing decline in demand. Does it matter whether there is a printed version of a legendary reference work like the OED, or is online good enough?

Why E-readers Are Good for Books: People Read More

There’s a lot of angst in the book industry about the rise of the e-book, but there is good news for those who care about books regardless of what form they take: a growing body of evidence shows that people with e-readers are reading more books.

Seth Godin Drives Another Nail Into the Book

Author and marketer Seth Godin, who has written 12 books, said in a weekend blog post that he will no longer publish traditional books but instead will distribute content via his blog and downloadable PDFs, because he says that the book industry has failed to evolve.

Just How Social Will the E-book Be?

Perhaps the last refuge from social media is the book, where many of us go to find shelter from the smoggy haze of status updates, tweets and comments hanging over our media lives. But the solitary paradise known as the book is going social too.

e-Books From an Author's Point of View

Though e-books seem likely to induce consolidation amongst the major publishing houses, with the risk of leaving midlist authors out in the cold, one such author looks at the bright side: e-books represent an additional revenue stream and a chance to control his own destiny.

How e-Books Won the War

Years from now, when I tell my grandkids about this thing called print books, I’ll talk about the point in time that e-books won the war. Three defining events this week signaled that the era of physical bookstores has officially passed.

iPad Fueling Enhanced E-Book Revolution

The number of “enhanced e-books” is currently few and far between, but this is quickly changing, as is our perception of the book itself. The world of publishing can expect some interesting times as authors look to new ways of expressing themselves.

New iPad & iPhone Kindle Apps Play Video

Amazon’s new iPad and iPhone apps let users play audio and video clips within select book titles. The online retailer currently only offers about a dozen titles with such multimedia enhancements, but the update could mean that the next Kindle will support video playback as well.

Mobile Tech Manor #89: Android and Flash

My favorite day of the week — Friday — is here so I get to share the past week at Mobile Tech Manor with you for the 89th time. My how time flies when you’re having fun. I hate buying the same e-book twice, don’t you?

Dime Novels are Back as e-Books — and Expensive

Dime novels were sold long ago as a serial, with a chapter released every so often for a nickel or a dime. The story was doled out in small pieces to hook the reader. Dime Novel Publishing is hoping to revive the concept in digital form.

Open vs. Closed: Google Takes on Amazon and Apple in e-Books

The e-book industry is dominated by Amazon and Apple, but the game will change later when Google launches its online e-book service, Google Editions. The company will allow users to download books in multiple ways, opening another front in the ongoing war of Open vs. Closed.

Wolfram Alpha Wants to Be a Google Maps for Data

The wonky “knowledge engine” Wolfram Alpha, under the leadership of new managing director Barak Berkowitz, is now moving from polishing its product to getting people to actually use it by changing up its distribution strategy.

Amazon vs. Apple: Round 2

Having gone toe-to-toe with Macmillan Publishing over e-book prices last month, only to retreat in the face of a consumer backlash, Amazon is once again talking tough with publishers. This time, however, the stakes are even higher for the Kindle-maker.

Could the Kindle and iPad Kill Quality Content?

Amazon delivered today a beta of its free Kindle for BlackBerry e-book app, which provides access to more than 420,000 books. It marks the latest example of how the publishing industry is facing seminal changes. Are we on the verge of the death of quality content?

iPad e-Books Have No Part in Adobe’s Story

With Apple’s iPad due out in six weeks, Adobe is already on the outs for e-book DRM. Apple is likely to use its FairPlay system, but how limiting will it be? Might iBook store content be stuck on the iPad for a while?

The e-Book Wars Rage On

Amazon went on the offensive over the weekend in a brief battle with publisher Macmillan, pulling the publisher’s physical and digital titles…

Has Amazon Won or Lost the e-Book War? Both

Amazon has given in to book publisher Macmillan in a fight over e-book prices, in part because of the threat of competition from Apple’s iPad, but will actually make more money from e-books in the short term – even as it loses in the longer term.

5 Ways the Kindle Can Fight the iPad

Everyone seems prepared to declare the Kindle e-reader dead now that Apple has released the iPad, but Amazon can still put up a fight. Here are five simple ways that the Kindle can compete with the Apple tablet.

e-Book Readers Learning Their ABCs

With print circulation and ad pages falling rapidly, magazine and newspaper publishers are anxious to find and count every single reader. And…

For e-Book Readers, the Price Is Not Right

The introduction of e-book readers to challenge Amazon’s Kindle has brought new price competition to the market. The launch of Sony’s $199…