Apple’s set-top-box plans include cloud DVR

Apple wants to give users of its planned cable set-top-box the ability to start any program at any given time, according to a new report by The Wall Street Journal. That sounds good on paper, but existing cloud DVRs show that it’s easier said than done.

Dish’s Ergen: Auto Hop protecting TV from online video barbarism

Speaking to the Wall Street Journal, Dish Network chairman Charlie Ergen defended his company’s controversial new commercial-skipping feature as a necessary innovation amid a sea change in video delivery. Oh, and he also conceded that it won’t hurt Dish when it comes to broadcast retransmission talks. takes its cord cutting DVR to Kickstarter

The cord cutting DVR just went up for pre-sale on Kickstarter, where the company is joining a growing number of hardware startups peddling its wares before they’re even manufactured. Mark Ely told us that Kickstarter gives him invaluable market intelligence.

How broadcasters could have stopped Dish’s Hopper

Broadcasters are hopping made at Dish Network and Charlie Ergen about their new commercial-deleting DVR feature. Some might look back on litigation with ReplayTV with some regret. Broadcasters failed to get the anti-commercial-skipping ruling they were seeking at the time.

A first look at’s HTML5 app is targeting cord cutters with its low-cost, bring-your-own-storage DVR that’s slated for release by the end of spring. We have the first screenshots of the HTML5 app that the company will use to target Boxee, Google TV and other connected devices.

Boxee may launch a DVR subscription service

Boxee’s Live TV tuner has been lacking the capability to record any TV programming, but now the startup may be working on its very own subscription service to bring DVR functionality to the Boxee Box. A survey sent out this weekend even included possible pricing.

Cord Cutters: Channel Master — a DVR for cord cutting

Channel Master is squarely targeting cord cutters with its new DVR product, which promises TiVo-like time shifting functionality and online video content without any monthly subscription fees, for a price: The device costs a whopping $400. Is it worth the money? Check out our review.

Google’s SageTV acquisition: It’s not about the DVR

Google has acquired the DVR software maker SageTV — but don’t expect DVR functionality to come to existing Google TV devices anytime soon. In fact, the acquisition may not be at all about time shifting, but about place shifting and taking the Google TV platform everywhere.

BBC iPlayer Users Can Now Record An Entire Series

The BBC announced a new feature called “Series Record” to its iPlayer today. With the new feature, iPlayer users will be able to sign up once to record their favorite shows and catch up on that programming for up to a month after episodes air.

CBS: 20% of ‘Primetime’ Viewing Happens on DVR

Speaking at the UBS Global Media and Communications Conference, CBS research chief David Poltrack said that about one-fifth of primetime viewing is time-shifted on DVR. That number jumps significantly in the 18-49 demographic, where shows get a 42 percent lift in audience when DVRs are counted.

Is the ‘Free’ DVR TiVo’s Last Stand?

What do you do when you’re a consumer electronics company that depends on subscription revenue and you’re hemorrhaging subscribers? If you’re TiVo, you give your box away for free and you hope to make up for lost revenues over the life of a more expensive contract.

Time Warner Cable’s ‘Look Back’ Is a Step Back From DVR

Time Warner Cable is introducing a new Look Back feature to its subscribers, enabling them to go back and watch some programming within the first three days it aired. But the new feature, which doesn’t require a DVR, also won’t let customers fast forward through commercials.

One-Third of US Adults Skip Live TV: Report

We’ve known for a long time that live TV was losing audience, but things might be worse for than we thought. New research shows that one-third of the adult viewing population in the U.S. has begun skipping live TV in favor of DVR and online viewing.

DVR Cuts Into Broadcast Ratings By 15-20%

Broadcast TV audiences have been shrinking for years, due in part to the proliferation of online video content as well as ever-improving cable programming. But one cause of the precipitous drop in live TV audiences is the growth of DVR usage among TV viewers.

How Low Can TiVo Subs Go?

TiVo’s (s TIVO) subscriber count dropped by a sharp 314,000 for the quarter ending on October 31, 2009, the company revealed during…

Vid-Biz: Sling, DVRs, Hulu

EchoStar to Introduce First-Ever Cable Product Next Week; SlingModem plugs into coaxial cable, acts as a modem with the place-shifting capabilities of…