Quad-core phones look speedy, but there’s a catch

Benchmark results of a quad-core Android smartphone appeared on the web, and the handset tests twice as fast as recent smartphones, such as the Galaxy Nexus. But there’s an important aspect to remember here: software is still catching up to hardware, so set your expectations accordingly.

Mobile virtualization finds its home in the enterprise

Mobile virtualization is hot topic today for businesses and consumers alike as enterprise employers keep their eye on security while employees just want a device that works for them, rather than one device for business and another for personal use.

Another use for dual-core phone chips: Awesome photos

Why do we need dual-core in smartphones? These peppy processors bring new functions when paired with smart software. One app helps take the perfect group picture, ensuring that nobody blinks, by taking multiple shots in succession and then stitching in the best face captures for each.

T-Mobile Launching HTC Sensation June 15 for $199

After weeks of anticipation, the HTC Sensation arrives in T-Mobile stores on June 15 for $199 after rebate and with a contract. The dual-core handset boasts a large 960×540 display, 1080p video capture and the newest version of HTC Sense with a time-saving active lockscreen feature.

Don’t Buy a Dual-Core Tablet Until You See This Video

The first dual-core Android tablets only arrived in February, but Nvidia is already showing off an improved quad-core chip it expects in tablets by August. A video demo of the chip, codenamed “Kal-El,” shows impressive performance: enough that some consumers may wait to buy a tablet.

VIDEO: Hands-on With T-Mobile’s Speedy G2x Smartphone

After a few days of using the T-Mobile G2x, I’m generally impressed. It’s the first dual-core handset on T-Mobile and simply flies for most activities. Here’s a video overview of the hardware, along with demos of the browser, 1080p video playback and high-quality gaming.

Poll: 62% of Consumers Feel Their Smartphone Is Obsolete

A recent poll indicates that 62 percent of U.S. consumers feel their smartphone is or will be obsolete before their cellular contract ends. Yet only 19% will pay $100 more up-front for a shorter contract. The technology cycle and cellular contract terms are out of whack.

Word Lens: How Future Hardware Will Enable Mobile Apps

Robert Scoble spent time interviewing Otavio Good about Word Lens, the app that visually translates foreign languages in real time without a data connection. But Word Lens and other “magical” apps will benefit from the next smartphone hardware cycle, as explained by Good in this video.

Video: LG Optimus 2X Powered Up With Nvidia’s Tegra 2

Nvidia’s CES press event is underway, and while much of the Tegra 2 news is similar to that of last year’s show, there’s one huge difference: Many mobile products are using Nvidia’s chip. Today, LG officially adds the Optimus 2X handset running Google Android.

LG at CES: Dual Core Smartphone Today, Tablet Tomorrow

LG unveiled the Optimus Black for the North American market, a dual-core Android smartphone the company says can “be a home theater in your pocket” thanks to playback and recording support of 1080p video. A new display technology is the brightest yet while still sipping power.

Surprise! First Dual-Core Smartphone Arrives Early

Although smartphones and tablets with dual-core CPUs are on tap for next year, LG will offer one this year. The company announced the Optimus 2X with Nvidia’s Tegra 2 chip, which will boost overall performance, bring faster webpage loads and offer 1080p video recording and playback.