Amazon CTO Werner Vogels: Cloud and SaaS are going global, fast

Amazon’s cloud services helped jump start a lot of entrepreneurial activity and now its globe trotting, maverick CTO Werner Vogels believes it help global small and medium sized businesses embrace the cloud and SaaS — which in the end is a good news for AWS.

Verizon’s 4G network is about to get a lot more rural

Six rural carriers will have launched LTE networks by the end of 2012 thanks to Verizon’s LTE in Rural America program. That will give Verizon customers 4G service in small towns well beyond its 400 market footprint. But the Verizon’s rural partners benefit plenty as well.

90% of US households with computers have broadband

Broadband penetration in the U.S. is continuing to grow and is now stands at 90 percent of U.S. households that have a computer at home. With over 80.3 million broadband subscribers in the nation, computer ownership is at the heart of broadband divide.

For Comcast, broadband subscribers are up, but video subs are down

Comcast posted Q2 2012 revenues of $15.21 billion, $3.08 billion in operating income and 50 cents in earnings per share. While Comcast continued to rack up new broadband subscribers, it is still losing basic video subscribers quite fast — both to cord cutters and satellite/phone company rivals.

At AT&T, broadband continues to shrink

For AT&T, the present and the future are all about mobile data services. With LTE service already in the market, it makes more sense for Ma Bell to move away from DSL. It lost 96,000 net broadband customers during the second quarter.

The DSL death march continues….

The slow death march of DSL continues!. Last week, Verizon reported a loss of about 89,000 DSL connections, but increased demand for faster FiOS Internet. Today, numbers from AT&T follow the same trend.

How many signed up for broadband in 2011?

The eighteen largest cable and telephone companies that account for 93 percent of the broadband market added 3 million net subscribers during 2011, according to data from Leichtman Research Group, a Durham, NH-based market research group. More revealing: AT&T’s dismal broadband performance.

Why Verizon is killing DSL & cheap broadband

The slow death of DSL will cause the rapid rise of expensive broadband if Verizon’s Fusion service is any indication. Verizon launched home-broadband powered by its wireless network — letting consumers trade unlimited slow broadband from a wire for faster, capped and more expensive service.

Comcast is the fastest broadband provider in the U.S.

Comcast, the Philadelphia-based cable company, was the fastest broadband service provider in the U.S., according to Ookla, a broadband speed test company. In fact, Comcast and its cable industry peers trounced the phone companies when it came to download speeds.

Go, go physics! Huawei tests gigabit DSL

Chinese equipment vendor Huawei has shown it can take copper DSL and push it to gigabit speeds over 100-meter distances, the company said on Wednesday. This will help cost-conscious ISPs such as AT&T gradually extend fiber to the edge.

Sonic.Net goes on the ISP offensive

Sonic.net, a Bay Area ISP, has a service package and ethos that could disrupt the broadband market. Today it’s brand of disruption is limited to California, but Dane Jasper, the company’s CEO, says that Sonic.net plans to expand outside California.

Cable still beating out telcos in broadband adds

DSL is on the ropes, and cable companies are seeing their broadband subs rise, according to data from the second quarter. Leichtman Research Group also found that net broadband additions in the quarter were the second fewest of any quarter in the last ten years.

Since DSL is obsolete, AT&T will sell you LTE instead

AT&T’s solid second quarter results were driven by wireless, but its wireline business was nearing growth again — a success for the carrier as it nears the completion of its U-Verse deployment. But amid the cheering for U-verse, the DSL network was getting kicked to the curb.

Oh no he didn’t: AT&T’s CEO calls DSL obsolete

AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson spoke Tuesday at the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners summer meeting in Los Angeles, where he called DSL “obsolete.” Since AT&T still provides and profits from DSL, this is a surprising admission.

When will the (traditional) telephone hang up?

A report shows that by 2018, the traditional phone system is going to be reaching less than 6 percent of U.S. residents. It’s perhaps time to rethink the very notion of what a phone is and what defines the classic phone network.

DSL Trembles (a Tad) As Fiber Rumbles

Fiber broadband is finally coming into its own, thanks to the growing number of fiber broadband deployments across the world. However, fiber broadband’s growing popularity is coming at the cost of DSL, one of the more widely deployed broadband technologies

AT&T CEO Sings the Same Old Song: All We Need Is T-Mo

The most pressing need for broadband providers in the U.S. is spectrum to enable the mobile ecosystem said AT&T’s CEO and chairman speaking at a conference. He also replayed his talking points on why AT&T must buy T-Mobile for $39 billion. At least he’s consistent.

Broadband Growth Skids at AT&T

AT&T’s continuing reliance on its fast growing wireless business cannot hide the fact that the wireline broadband growth is slowing for the company, as its first quarter financial results show. Despite competition, Ma Bell has muddled along, choosing to devote all its energies elsewhere.

Verizon LTE Worth a Look as Possible DSL Replacement

As we’ve noted, the rise of LTE opens up the potential for wireless carriers to court wireline broadband subscribers. Well, even with the limitations of wireless, the comparison is valid, at least for now, according to Deutsche Bank, which studied the latest 4G offerings.

Verizon Sold its DSL Subs, But Now it Wants Them Back

Verizon is thrilled to cover 285 million people, or 97 percent of the U.S. population, with 4G wireless services by 2013, in part because it makes such a dandy fixed broadband access technology says an executive. This must make companies that bought Verizon’s DSL lines scared.

100 Mbps DSL is Here & 800 Mbps is Around the Corner

Copper, thanks to new generation DSL technologies is staying competitive with fiber and cable broadband. Today, a new breakthrough shows that it will only be a matter of time before DSL broadband crosses the 800 Mbps threshold. For now lets’s settle for 100 Mbps DSL.

Like Voice, US Telcos Losing Broadband Subs Too

US telcos are phone companies in name. They have been losing their grip on the voice business. And now they are even starting to lose their traction in the broadband business as well. Q2 will see firstever quarterly decline in broadband subscribers at large telcos.

AT&T Underwhelms With U-Verse Upgrade

AT&T is deploying pair bonding throughout its DSL network as a means to bring U-Verse to more subscribers in 122 of its markets in 22 states. But before anyone gets excited, the upgrade will not boost speeds and will be about three years late. Wheee!

By the Numbers: Nearly Half a Billion Broadband Subscribers Worldwide

Thanks to furious broadband growth in China, a resurgent US and new Asian markets, the world is close to having half a billion broadband subscribers. That represents 8.4 percent of the worldwide population penetration and a household penetration of 30.8 percent. A full breakdown by the numbers.

Best Buy Admits Defeat, Gets Rid of Speakeasy

Best Buy will merge its Speakeasy DSL business with Covad and Megapath, creating a managed service local exchange carrier, and sounding the death knell for independent DSL providers. It’ll get a minority stake in the combined company, which to me is a euphemism for fire sale.

Amazing….Bell Labs Pushes DSL Speeds to 300 Mbps

Just when you think it is time to say goodbye to the old copper infrastructure, someone comes up with new technology to give it a new lease on life. Now Bell Labs, using software and new gear, is pushing DSL speeds to 300 Mbps.

Vodafone Bulks Up On Broadband

[qi:064] Vodafone is adding Spain and Italy to a growing list of countries where it will be offering triple play services. London-based…

Rumor: Best Buy Looking At Covad?

[qi:011] Best Buy (BBY), the large North American electronics retail chain, that recently snapped up Speakeasy, a DSL provider, is now interested…