HTC and Verizon release 1080p stunner Droid DNA

HTC is going big with a stunning 1080p 5-inch Droid DNA, which will be offered through Verizon Wireless. The $199 device puts out 440 pixels per inch, sports a Snapdragon quad-core processor and also includes wireless charging.

Has Motorola succeeded in reviving the Razr? Maybe

The Razr Maxx has surpassed the iPhone as Verizon’s best-selling smartphone, according to reports. While this could be a sign that Motorola has a long-sought-after hit on its hand and is set to revive the storied Razr brand, be careful not read to much into it.

Even at $299, Droid Razr Maxx may be a Verizon hit

Verizon customers craving a thin LTE smartphone with all-day battery life get their wish later this week. Motorola’s Droid Razr Maxx launches on Jan. 26 for $299 with contract. But the battery is only one standout feature among many: Bluetooth 4.0, GLONASS and Super AMOLED.

Droid 3 arrives as Verizon drops unlimited data plans

Verizon’s latest smartphone launch coincides with a move away from unlimited data plans, which goes into effect on Thursday. The Motorola Droid 3 is available for ordering online now and is in stores on July 14 for $199 with a 2-year contract or $459 with no contract.

With Droid X2, Moto Loses Some of Its Mojo

Motorola’s Droid X2 lands on Verizon Wireless next week for $199 after contract, but you’d be hard-pressed to see the difference between it and last year’s model. Two hardware upgrades make for an uninspiring new handset at a time when Motorola’s peers are pushing the envelope.

7 Top Mobile Posts of 2010

A fast-paced year of mobile technology brought numerous 1 GHz handsets, a tablet market and new contenders for the smartphone market share crown. The seven most read articles of this year illustrate how much has changed in 2010, setting up an even wilder ride in 2011!

Droid Pro — Bridging the Android/BlackBerry Gap

Motorola has been enjoying the popularity of its Android product line, and the Droid Pro looks to take it to the enterprise worker. It starts with the Android 2.2, and adds a touch screen coupled with a keyboard that could have come from the BlackBerry folks.

ResToggle — Enable Your Android Phone’s Hi-Res Mode

Android phone owners who have taken the step to root their phone can do things not possible otherwise. ResToggle is an app for rooted Android phones running Froyo (Android 2.2) that provides the ability to change the display to higher resolutions than originally supported.


Google’s open source Android operating system has become one of the big hits in mobile technology. Many different types of handsets are…

Motorola Droid 2: Best-Selling Android Phone Gets Better

Motorola is not content to rest with the best-selling Android phone. The Droid 2 is now available on the Verizon network. Motorola chose not to change the Droid 2 too much, while making enough improvements over the original to make it a compelling choice for consumers.

Droid Still Rules the Roost

The top Android phone is still the original Droid on the Verizon network. The hot platform is definitely Android, and that is due to the number of hot phones are on the market. A real-time tracker paints a good picture of how Android phones compare.

With Android, Motorola Rides a RAZR Sharp Line of Success

Android has become the saving grace for Motorola, which until recently, hasn’t had a “hit” device since the RAZR over five years ago. With the original Droid, and now the Droid X, Motorola is back in the game, but is Android a short-term or long-term solution?

jkOnTheRun Video: Droid X, a Top Performer

The Droid X on Verizon may be the best Android phone on the market. The big-screened device, encased in a thin form with great hardware components, does not fall short in any area. The fast performance of the Droid X is shown in this short video.

Your 5 Motorola Droid X Questions Answered

Verizon Wireless loaned me a Motorola Droid X, which arrived yesterday. Readers are already asking about this new handset, so here are five reader questions answered. You might be surprised by the most innovative feature offered by Droid X — I wish every phone had it.

Droid X: One Phone to Meet Different Needs for Verizon, Motorola

Verizon Wireless today introduces the Droid X, a successor to the popular Droid launched last October. Both Verizon and Motorola need a new Droid, but for different reasons. Verizon has no stock of high-end, new Android handsets and Motorola handset sales are slipping behind its competitors.

The Recipe for a Successful Smartphone Is Getting Bland

Perhaps I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today, but I’m getting a little bored with the current crop of “superphones,” as Om likes to call them. Most of the recent top-end smartphones appear to be slight enhancements over what’s currently available.

Verizon Readies Droid X for Launch

Motorola and Verizon are basking in the popularity of the original Droid, although they wish they could build them faster. Recent phones in the Droid line have been produced by HTC; it’s a return to the Motorola roots with the Droid X to be announced shortly.

Droid Does…Not Help Motorola Offset Market Share Loss

Worldwide handset shipments are up 13.8 percent in the first quarter of 2010 compared to the same period last year, but the rising tide isn’t helping Motorola — sales were down 42.2 percent from the year ago quarter. Is Motorola counting too much on its Droid?

Verizon Droid Does Android 2.1

After a lengthy wait and at least one delay, Verizon today began to push out the Android 2.1 update to its Motorola Droid customers. The update includes many feature I’ve enjoyed since January — multitouch and voice-to-text support just to name a few features.

Droid Nears Its Million-Device Target

Droid launched in November 2009 and has sold over 700,000 units. It is inching towards the million mark, thanks to a strong marketing push by its backers Motorola and Verizon. In comparison, Motorola’s Cliq & Dexter appear to be slow pokes when it comes to sales.

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