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Husk Power raises funds to bring power to rural India

A company that builds mini renewable power stations in rural India just raised more money to expand its reach. You can expect to see more social entrepreneurial projects that aim to bring cleaner sources of energy to poor regions with minimal or no access to electricity.

The latest VCs to sour on cleantech: Index

The VC exodus away from cleantech startup investing continues. One of Europe’s most well-known venture firms, Index Ventures, has closed a new €350 million fund for early stage companies and Index partner Mike Volpi tells Fortune that the firm is no longer focusing on cleantech investments.

Report: Konarka’s failure wasn’t a solar market problem

Solar startup Konarka’s bankruptcy, announced last week, wasn’t just the latest case of the solar industry being hit by the dropping cost of silicon, and cheap modules and panels from China. The company’s technology just “could not compete on cost, efficiency, or lifetime,” says Lux Research.

Opscode nets $19.5M in new funding, adds Connors to board

Configuration management player Opscode nets $19.5 million in new Series C funding led by Ignition Partners and names Ignition’s John Connors, former Microsoft CFO, to the board. With its cash infusion, Opscode hopes to build its engineering staff and enterprise business.

Husk Power lights rural India

It’s rare to find electric lights along the Indian countryside. But a startup called Husk Power Systems is trying to change that. The company has developed biomass miniplants that convert rice husks and grasses into electricity providing power and jobs to the people of rural India.

ABB Invests in On-Demand Data Center Power

Massive electrical equipment giant ABB isn’t a name commonly associated with young startups. But this morning, the company said that it’s invested a small sum through its VC arm into Valley startup Power Assure, which makes an on demand data center power service.

SeaMicro Unveils Low Power Server

Get ready to start hearing a whole lot more about stealthy low-power server maker SeaMicro. The under-the-radar company has finally unveiled its server technology that consumes a quarter of the power of a regular server but packs more than 2,000 CPU cores and costs $139,000.

Social Web's Big Question: Federate or Aggregate?

Inventor and tech-philosopher Dave Winer Twittered tonight that federation is the hot thing, pointing to a New York Times article about Facebook Connect. And just like that he touched upon the third rail of our increasingly social web. The big question facing the social web depends on the direction it needs to take. A sharp increase in the number of web services and social networks has many of us yearning for a single sign-on, which has lead to the idea of “federation.” On the flip side, we also want one place to manage our diverse web services in one place.

Meetup’s Latest Round: $7.5 Million

Last week, NY-based social networker Meetup announced a new round of funding, sans-price. According to a regulatory filing, the round was fo…

Video Sharer EatLime Gets Funding From DFJ

You probably thought the world had enough video sharing sites, but you’d be wrong… EatLime, based in Sunnyvale, CA, has raised unspecified…

MBeat Raises $1.5 Million

MBeat Media, which runs the Hip Hop social network site Urbmob.com, has raised $1.5 million in its first round of funding from Draper Fisher…

SightSpeed Shifting Places

A few days ago I read something about ABC trying to out-hustle the DVR technology. I found it amusing because these studio…