Dr. Horrible

Hey, Dr. Horrible Fans, Jed Whedon’s New Album is Out

Dr. Horrible collaborator Jed Whedon, in between writing for television and helping Felicia Day make music videos, has kept busy with his own projects. And his new self-published album, entitled History of Forgotten Things, represents a sincere effort to create compelling original music.

Celebrate the Web 2 Takes Aim at Comic-Con

At the San Diego Comic-Con, smaller projects have a hard time getting included in the conference programming. Thus a Celebrate the Web event, featuring over a dozen current and upcoming web series, is being planned for Saturday, July 24.

Check Into to Corddry’s Hospital Comedy

Hollywood might just be getting the hang of this whole web series thing. If the new trailer for Rob Corddry’s (The Daily Show) star-studded Children’s Hospital is any indication, this new series from TheWB.com could become must-see web TV.