Users gain capacity to download full archive of tweets from Twitter

Several users began noticing Sunday morning that they had gained the capability to download their full archive of old tweets, a functionality long requested by users of Twitter since the company’s beginning. Sites like Facebook already offer this, and Twitter is finally catching up.

What Louis CK knows that most media companies don’t

Traditional media companies — and independent artists — can learn a lot from the success of comedian Louis CK’s self-produced standup special, which he offered for download at $5 a copy without any digital-rights management protection. The project paid for itself in less than a day.

App Store Beats iTunes to 10 Billion Downloads by 6 Years

Apple has posted a downloads countdown page on its site as it approaches 10 billion apps downloaded. This year marks the App Store’s third birthday, so that’s an average of over 3 billion app downloads per year. iTunes took eight years to reach the same milestone.