HP’s Helion OpenStack is here

If you want an HP-branded OpenStack or an HP-branded Cloud Foundry, you are in luck: Both are available today with support from friends Docker, New Relic, MongoDB.

Why Google is sowing the seeds of container-based computing

Google open sourced a Docker-centric tool called Kubernetes that lets its cloud computing customers automate their resource management similar to how Google does it internally. It’s part of a sustained approach to prove Google’s chops as a cloud provider by pushing its vision of computing.

Why user experience and ecosystem will rule the cloud

It’s easy enough to start offering a cloud platform, but doing so successfully is a lot more difficult. James Urquhart explains how Amazon Web Services, Cloud Foundry and others are capitalizing on great user experiences and great ecosystems.

Goodbye dotCloud, hello Docker

Bowing to the inevitable, dotCloud, the company that created container technology for Linux apps, will now be known as Docker Inc.