Prince would Sue U 4 using Vine

Have you checked out Vine recently? Legendary pop artist Prince has, with his record label filing a copyright notice with Twitter regarding videos on Vine. It seems like the general public might be giving Vine a serious look.

U.S. No.1 in demanding data on Twitter users

Twitter released its first-ever transparency report on Monday, which provides statistics on the number of times governments and individuals requested data on Twitter users or made takedown requests under the Digital Millenium Copyright Act during the first half of 2012.

Grooveshark to be sued by Warner and Sony

Will Grooveshark be the next LimeWire? The streaming music service is going to be sued by Warner Music and Sony Music, according to a report from the New York Times. This could mark a shift in litigation from P2P services to streaming music providers.

The next Pandora will be a mashup

Pandora has established itself as the leading personalized radio service online. A new breed of services is now challenging Pandora by mashing up videos from around the web to personalized video streams, all without spending an arm and a leg on licensing.

VideoLAN to go after copycat VLC for Android apps

Users that search for VLC on the Android Market get to see a whole bunch of apps that kind of look like the popular open-source video player, despite the fact that VLC for Android hasn’t been released yet. The foundation behind VLC wants to change that.

Rights Holders Force ISP to Block Pirate Site

Suing seemed too complicated because the site is hosted in Russia, so rights holders went after an ISP instead: Austria-based USP has to block access to the popular streaming video site to prevent its customers from accessing any unlicensed streams of Hollywood blockbusters.

Google Visited by the Ghosts of YouTube’s Past

Here we go again: Viacom has filed an appeal in its long-running lawsuit against Google and YouTube, arguing that founders of the video sharing site were aware of the massive infringement happening and that they shouldn’t be protected under the DMCA’s Safe Harbor provisions.

Scientists Release HDCP Decryption Tool

Two computer scientists have released source code for a tool that is capable of decrypting HDCP-protected video in real time, delivering another blow to a content protection system that is in use in most modern home entertainment devices. With it, HDCP could become an open secret.

What the New DMCA Ruling on Jailbreaking Actually Says

Today the U.S. Copyright Office clarified how it plans to enforce the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, making new exemptions for things like jailbreaking iPhones. But “jailbreaking is legal” is not what the ruling said. It simply said jailbreaking is not a violation of copyright law.

YouTube Takes Down Twilight Eclipse: The 8-Bit Interactive Game

Twilight Eclipse: The 8-Bit Interactive Game, a popular series of interactive YouTube videos that blended Twilight themes with 1980s 8-Bit graphics, has been taken down by YouTube based on a DMCA request by Summit Entertainment, the company that holds the movie rights of the Twilight Franchise.

Today’s Biggest Winner Is the DMCA

YouTube has scored a victory in the copyright infringement lawsuit waged against it by Viacom, but the biggest winner of the day may be the DMCA — the 1998 law that was at the core of Google’s defense and that has been called outdated by some.

Canadian Government Planning Strict New Copyright Law?

Canadian legislators plan to introduce restrictive new copyright legislation, possibly as soon as next month, according to copyright expert Michael Geist. It would come three years after another proposed copyright bill was withdrawn in the face of criticism that it was too restrictive.

Google Is Being Evil, Music Bloggers Say

Music bloggers are upset because they say Google deleted their blogs without warning as a result of DMCA claims about songs they posted. But some of the bloggers say they were given the tracks they posted by record labels themselves as a promotional effort.