New screen tech has buttons that rise on command

Not everyone wants a touch display for input causing some to cling on to devices with physical buttons. What you could have the best of both worlds: Buttons that rise up from a flat touch screen as needed? It’s not science fiction; it’s science!

25 iPads Combine to Form Giant Interactive Display

At this year’s Tokyo Designers Week, one of the most interesting installations was a giant screen made up of 25 synced iPads. The display, called iProject 25 and commissioned by the Environmental Ministry of Japan, was intended to reflect the impact of humans on their surroundings.

White iPhone Delays Blamed on the Display

Appleā€™s fourth generation iPhone appears to have lost its halo, and complaints are piling up. Today an analyst says that the delay for the white version of the phone isn’t a result of the antenna problems, but because of the display.

Glass Cinema Displays?

On Tuesday, when Jobs announced the new iMac, he really made an effort to sell the new materials…aluminum and glass (which are…