Dish Network

Dish facing doom in Voom litigation, analysts say

While the Viacom/DirecTV carriage dispute is commanding the bulk of attention Wednesday, several high-profile media analysts publicly advised Dish Network to end its own carriage war with AMC Networks, and to also bite the bullet and settle its expensive legal dispute with AMC over Voom HD.

Dish’s Ergen: Streaming on Netflix “devalues” Mad Men

Speaking to investors during Dish Network’s Q1 conference call Monday, Dish chairman Charlie Ergen said the reason his company hasn’t reached a carriage renewal agreement with AMC stems from the fact that the cable programmer has “devalued” its content through its streaming deals.

FCC avoiding LightSquared mistakes with Dish

The Federal Communications Commission has denied Dish Network’s request to build a terrestrial LTE network over its satellite airwaves, but it didn’t kill the satellite broadcaster’s proposal outright. Instead, the commission is trying to head off controversy by kicking off a lengthy rule-making process.

Comcast Won’t Go Streaming-Only, But Dish Might

Despite having an already robust platform for delivering Internet video, Comcast says it will stay away from offering over-the-top videos to people outside its network. Meanwhile, Dish Network is negotiating content rights that might enable it to offer streaming services to customers online.

Dish Network, Fox Reach Carriage Agreement

See, these News Corp (NSDQ: NWS). guys aren’t entirely unreasonable: Fox Networks has struck a new carriage agreement with Dish Network (NSD…

Vid-Biz: Dish Sues the FCC, Disney iPad App, Comcast DVR

Today on the Net: Dish Network sues the FCC over requirements to carry high-definition feeds of non-commercial channels, Disney releases an iPad app to allow users to purchase and download movies and Comcast has rolled out its multiroom DVR service in more than 20 markets.

Vid-Biz: Comcast-NBCU, Brand.Net, Dish & Disney

Today on the Net: Comcast and NBC Universal received the blessing of ABC, CBS, and Fox affiliates — but with some conditions, raised $14 million amidst some strong sales growth and Dish has dropped four Disney HD channels due to a carriage dispute