What’s needed from marketing clouds

All the big guys – Adobe, IBM, Salesforce, Oracle – have a suite of marketing tech platform tools they call marketing clouds. Social media marketing is the obvious focus, but what else is required for these platforms?

Spotify opens up analytics, teams up with Topspin After an increasing backlash from some high-profile musicians, Spotify is going on the offensive by sharing some information on how it…

DC brings its monthly comics to Kindle, Nook and iBookstore

DC Comics is making all of its periodical comic books, like Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, available digitally through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Apple. With those companies all launching new tablets, DC clearly sees them as an important platform for reading comics.

LocalVox raises $7.4M for one-stop shop for local marketing

LocalVox, a New York-based startup that targets small- to medium-sized businesses with a comprehensive online marketing platform, has raised $7.4 million in Series A funding. The company currently operates in New York and Hartford but plans to scale to 20 markets nationwide.

IKEA to sell only LEDs by 2016

IKEA says it will only sell LED lighting by 2016, and will give up all other less efficient forms of lighting. The news follows IKEA phasing out incandescent lighting, getting rid of plastic bags, and putting solar panels on its rooftops.

How to make LED lighting mainstream: make it a service

LED lighting, though, expensive, is supposed to reduce energy use and electric bills for its owner over time. Startup Digital Lumens is looking at doing more than selling its smart LED lighting equipment — it plans to sell it as a service, too.

AudioGlove makes iPhones 20 percent louder, no tech involved

Is your iPhone speaker not loud enough for music or calls? A Kickstarter project for AudioGloves uses accoustics, not digital technology to solve the problem by boosting sound up to 20 percent. According to a Dolby Labratory test, it works as advertised for richer, louder sounds.

Thank Netflix: Home entertainment biz is growing again

With subscription video on demand revenue up 430 percent, Hollywood’s video business has actually shown growth for a full six-month period, according to the studio-backed Digital Entertainment Group. The DVD-cursed market hasn’t enjoyed full-year growth since George W. Bush was midway through his second term.

Intel hopes the young will like its new mobile magazine

Today Intel is launching a Flipboard-like digital magazine, “iQ by Intel,” that aims to attract “a younger audience” through a blend of employee-curated content and original stories. So far, it’s mostly a lot of pieces from TechCrunch and Mashable.

Does digital advertising need its own operating system?

To address the fragmentation exploding across the digital advertising market, Luma Partners founder and CEO Terence Kawaja floated the possibility of an operating system for digital ad companies to use as a common building block for their products, just how mobile apps use iOS and Android.

Gumroad raises $7M to make selling online dead simple

Sahil Lavingia, a 19-year-old app designer behind Pinterest and, has built a simple service called Gumroad that lets anyone monetize a link without having to set up their own store. The company announced it has raised $7 million three months after launching.

Digital advertising surged 22 percent in 2011 to $31B

Driven by strong growth in the search and display sectors, U.S. digital advertising revenue expanded by 22 percent in 2011, reaching a record $31 billion, according to a report prepared by Price Waterhouse Coopers U.S. and released Wednesday by the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB).

Digitalsmiths adds social search and recommendations

Digitalsmiths has added social recommendations to its product offering, creating a more comprehensive way for users to search and discover videos. That technology brings in real-time data from Twitter and other social networks, to help users choose shows based on what everyone’s talking about.

John Paton To News Execs: Abandon The Gatekeeper Model

If there was an Uncle Sam-style campaign to recruit media executives into the “digital first” movement, John Paton would probably win the role of poster boy in a landslide. Even before he became the CEO of the giant MediaNews Group chain, Paton was calling on the media industry to give up its attachment to print and embrace the web and digital media — and he reiterated that message in a fire-and-brimstone speech to a journalism group in Toronto, Ontario recently. The bottom line, according to Paton, is that the time for deliberation is over: media entities of all kinds must give up the “information gatekeeper” model, he said, or they will surely perish.

DoubleTwist: a great Android media player gets better

DoubleTwist, a popular free media play application for Android, has improved its software to include over-the-air podcast subscriptions. The new feature is available as part of the DoubleTwist Pro in-app upgrade, a $4.99 fee that also adds AirPlay support, wireless media synchronization and album art downloads.

Nation’s first Super Wi-Fi network arrives

New Hanover County in North Carolina became the first county in the United States to deploy a Super Wi-Fi network, but the real question is will it also be the last? The technology is not as healthy as the pomp and circumstance surrounding the launch indicates.

First numbers: How successful are Spotify’s apps?

It has been a month since Spotify rolled out its app platform to all of its users, and early data from some of the participating third-party developers looks very positive: Spotify users seem to like the added functionality, with many coming back to their favorite apps.

We need better infrastructure to bridge urban digital divide

After distributing much of the $500 million broadband stimulus program to narrow the digital divide in 2011, these investments should start bearing fruit. But the success faces two challenges: insufficient broadband infrastructure in some low-income areas and broadband adoption efforts that miss the mark.

Qualcomm uses DLNA app Skifta to promote digital home

Want to add Airplay-like functionality to your Android phone or tablet? Then take a look at Skifta, which just went out of beta, and utilizes DLNA to share media in your home. It’s part of Qualcomm’s strategy to make the connected home more appealing to consumers.

Condé Nast subscriptions up 268% since Newsstand launch

We reported earlier that Newsstand appears to be treating digital publishers well, and new info from Condé Nast just released backs that up. The publisher of Wired and other magazines has seen digital subscriptions rise 268 percent since Newsstand arrived with the iOS 5 update.

Pageonce aspires to be a digital wallet with mobile bill pay

Pageonce was one of the first iPhone apps and has built a following of more than 5 million users as a mobile financial service letting people track their bills from their smartphone. But the service has been missing one big thing until today: mobile bill pay.


Access vs. ownership: Why UltraViolet has already lost

UltraViolet, the digital locker that has the backing of nearly every big Hollywood studio, retailer and consumer electronics manufacturer, is the culmination of three years of work from those groups trying to save a home entertainment business that today is largely defined by rapidly declining DVD sales. But despite its ambitions, there’s something about UltraViolet that seems lacking: Even if it succeeds as a platform for the sale and distribution of video to new digital devices, whatever incremental sales it brings probably won’t be enough to make up for losses on the DVD side of things.

Sensu makes iPad painting more like the real thing

Enjoy “painting” on your iPad? It can produce some amazing results, but it doesn’t really feel like the real thing. That’s where Sensu comes in. It’s a new twist on the stylus that replicates real bristles using touch-screen compatible synthetic “hairs,” and looks good doing it.

Amazon wants to reinvent the electronic library

Amazon has launched a program that allows Kindle users to borrow e-books from 11,000 libraries across the U.S. This and the recent news that it plans to launch a “Netflix for books” service make it clear Amazon is stepping up its disruption of the book industry.

Is John Paton the savior newspapers have been waiting for?

John Paton has been pushing an aggressive “digital first” strategy at the Journal-Register Co., and now he has been named the chief executive of Media News, the second-largest newspaper chain in the U.S. Is he the savior that the newspaper business has been waiting for?

Reader’s Digest signs on with iPad in-app subscriptions

Apple’s stable of periodicals available for in-app subscription got a little bigger with the release of an update to Reader’s Digest magazine on Thursday. Reader’s Digest is now offering annual subscriptions (10 issues) for $14.99, or monthly subscriptions at $1.99 through in-app purchase.

DBG launches premium video syndication platform

New York City-based Digital Broadcasting Group (DBG) may be best know for producing web-original video content like Kiefer Sutherland’s The Confession, but now it’s getting into the distribution game and opening up its platform to allow third parties to syndicate and monetize their premium videos.

The Guardian draws a line in the sand: Digital comes first

The Guardian newspaper in Britain has made its clearest declaration yet that the future of the organization is online by saying it is going “digital first.” Now all it has to do is prove that this strategy can be a success financially as well as philosophically.

Kiefer Sutherland Proves Online Video Can Be Profitable

Kiefer Sutherland’s ambitious original web series The Confession, which was deficit-financed and launched exclusively on Hulu, is already profitable. And with international distribution, as well as a DVD release ahead, it looks like there’s plenty of money left to be made.

Amazon: The Book Industry “In a Box”?

While most thought the biggest news out of Amazon’s e-book business this week was the revelation that e-books now eclipse print books, it was the launch of the company’s second genre imprint in the span of two weeks (and fifth imprint overall) that’s the bigger deal.

Visa Looks Beyond the Card With One-Click Digital Wallet

Visa is starting to put its big payment acquisitions to work with a new a digital wallet offering that looks to bring one-click transactions to ecommerce, mobile and social networking sites. The wallet will help consumers checkout faster and should reduce online abandoned shopping carts for retailers.

Amazon Launches Library Lending, But Who Owns the Books?

Amazon is launching a Kindle lending program for libraries, and while there are some interesting features included, the plan raises questions about who controls the content in these books, and what happens if Amazon or its publishers change their minds about the terms of the deal.

Users to Google Video: Please Don’t Delete Our Clips

Google wants to delete all the videos it has been hosting on its long-neglected Google Video platform next month. Some users are now hoping that the company changes its mind and preserves the archive in a way that won’t lead to dead links and broken embeds.

Digital Lumens Raises $10M for Smart Lighting

What do you get when you combine computer intelligence, efficient LEDs and industrial buildings?: An idea that investors want to back. Digital Lumens announced that it has raised another $10 million, which will help it expands sales of its technology that combines LEDs with networking software.

Aperture 101: Importing Photos

The first step post-capture in any digital photography workflow is getting the frames into your editing program. I like Aperture, because it’s powerful, cheap, easy to learn and easy to install from the Mac App Store. Here’s how to manage your photo importing using Aperture.

BitMate Brings BitTorrent to the Developing World

BitTorrent is known as a way to quickly download gigabytes of data, ranging from TV show episodes to Hollywood blockbusters. The technology doesn’t work quite as well over dial-up. Pakistan-based researchers have found a way to change this by tweaking some of BitTorrent’s core design principles.

Ken Olsen, DEC & the Horizontal Revolution

Ken Olsen, the founder and CEO of Digital Equipment Corporation, built the company into a huge success. But as it grew, the company’s vertical business model couldn’t change as the industry changed.

Nook, Magazines See the Color of Money

Now that e-book content sales are taking off, what’s the holdup for digital magazines? Part of the problem is varied pricing and subscription models, which can put consumers off. But the vivid experience of a color display on a connected device is bringing them back.

Digital Artists: Turning Celebs Into Brands

Two-year-old Digital Artists has avoided the pitfalls experienced by companies like 60 Frames by seeking new ways to create content in the digital space, with a focus on making online personalities into monetizable brands and partnering with entities outside the digital space for online experiences.

Digitalsmiths Buys Gotuit To Expand Metadata Expertise

Digitalsmiths announced today that it is acquiring Gotuit in a deal that will bring its automated metadata creation technology together with Gotuit’s platform for easily adding manual time-based metadata. The combined company also has a deep patent portfolio, with more than 35 patents related to metadata.

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