Digital publishing

iPad users don’t mind paying for news

iPad users are forking over plenty of money to read their favorite digital publications on Apple’s iPad. In the U.S., the top 100 grossing publications in Apple’s Newsstand in February made more than $70,000 per day, according to Distimo. Pretty good for a five-month old product.

Video: Hands-on with Inkling 2.0, the iPad textbook

This week Inkling debuted the 2.0 version of its software, which makes interactive and digital versions of college textbooks for the iPad. So GigaOM headed over to Inkling’s San Francisco headquarters to get an in-person demo from founder and CEO Matt MacInnis.

Pottermore: Future of publishing or Club Penguin for Potter fans?

Last week, Harry Potter author JK Rowling announced Poettermore, an ambitious new online property that will be the exclusive retailer for Potter e-books, Pottermore will no doubt do a mean business as an e-book storefront — and ruffle the feathers of traditional publishers in the process.

Kindle to make $1 out of every $10 Amazon brings in

Amazon’s success with its Kindle business is hitting an inflection point as it nears 10 percent of the company’s revenues, according to an analyst report. The success of the Kindle business is at a point where it can affect the overall growth the company.

Forget Netflix. E-book Publishers Need a Hulu

For all its growth, the e-book market has been stillborn in one major way: methods in which to monetize. But recent news that a Spanish company called 24Symbols went into beta on a an e-book service shows that digital publishing could finally be evolving.