Why audio rarely ever goes viral

http://digg.com/originals/why-audio-never-goes-viral It’s true: Digg is doing original content, and one of its first pieces is a great long-form read titled “Is this…

Will the Digg Effect make a comeback?

Digg is trying to make a comeback of sorts – one that involves marrying social signals with high-quality and calm reading experience. And while it is still early days, the new Digg plan seems to be working. Up next – an Android app that can turbocharge its efforts.

So the new Digg has relaunched — now comes the hard part

Digg, the social-news community that New York-based incubator Betaworks acquired part of last month, has been relaunched with a new look and new plumbing, but it doesn’t have anything like the kind of community Digg had — something that is hugely valuable and difficult to build.

Everyone wants to be a news filter now

Facebook has launched a new “personal newspaper”-style news feed, while both Digg and Klout are using their internal ranking systems to try and create topic pages. But will any of these solve the growing problem of information overload, or will they just add to the noise?

Slashdot and CmdrTaco — the end of another geek era

The technology world may be obsessed with the departure of Apple CEO Steve Jobs this week, but another geek icon has also stepped down: Rob Malda, creator of the pioneering online community Slashdot, which was the place to talk about tech before it became mainstream.

Digg launches Newswire, but will anyone care?

Digg has launched a new feature called Newswire that it hopes can make it a player again in the field of social news-sharing services — but after a disastrous redesign and the departure of its founder, can copycat features bring back any of Digg’s faded glory?

Google’s Answer to Facebook Likes: +1

Google is launching a new  +1 feature that allows folks who are users of Google services such as Gmail, Google Talk, Google Reader and Google Profiles to rank the search results. Think of it as Google’s retweet gesture or the equivalent of liking something on Facebook.

Mike Maples Says Twitter Is a Thunder Lizard

Venture investor Mike Maples, who launched the Floodgate Partners fund last year and is an investor in Twitter, defends the company’s market valuation, saying it has a chance to become a fundamental and important company in the tech industry, or what he calls a “thunder lizard.”

Happy Birthday, Twitter! What You Can Learn From Digg

As Twitter turns five, the service continues to struggle with some mid-life problems, including a growing tension with both its user and developer communities. For lessons in how not to handle that kind of thing, all Twitter has to do is look at Digg.

What Makes a Hit (Consumer) Internet Service

Over the past few days, there has been a heated debate about Quora, a year-old startup. Looking back at other startups that have successfully made the transition to Internet-scale companies, there are three elements to the magic formula for success.

Can Adding Staff Curators Help Digg Recover?

Digg hasn’t had an easy time of it over the past few months, with a major redesign that many users disliked, and a new CEO. Now the site is using human editors to recommend links, but will that help it recover its lost glory?

Is Digg Headed for the Deadpool?

Digg, which appeared to be stumbling after an ill-fated relaunch sparked a user revolt, now looks to be under siege. Two senior executives have left, and new CEO Matt Williams has slashed the workforce by a third. Is Digg on its way to the deadpool?

Digg Cuts Staff by 37%, Loses Senior Executive

Digg, the social-bookmarking service that has been struggling to right itself after an ill-fated relaunch earlier this year, is laying off more than a third of its staff, CEO CEO Matt Williams announced in a blog post today. A senior executive is also leaving the company.

Can Digg Apologize Its Way Back to Popularity?

Digg’s new CEO has written a blog post in which he apologizes for the missteps in the recent redesign, and promises to restore almost all the various features that die-hard Digg fans complained about losing. But can all this apologizing restore Digg to its former glory?

Digg Backlash Reinforces the Risks of Social Media

Some see the revolt against Digg’s redesign as yet another sign of how fickle social-media users can be, or how poorly many people tolerate change. But the most important lesson is just how vital it is that such services communicate with users when making fundamental changes.

Digg Not Likely to Give Up on Cassandra

Cassandra, the NoSQL software is being blamed for scaling problems being faced by Digg, which led to the yet-unconfirmed departure of Digg VP of Engineering John Quinn, a champion of Cassandra. Still, we hear the social news site isn’t giving up on the software – yet!

Digg Not Likely to Give Up on Cassandra

Cassandra, the NoSQL software is being blamed for scaling problems being faced by Digg, which led to the yet-unconfirmed departure of Digg VP of Engineering John Quinn, a champion of Cassandra. Still, we hear the social news site isn’t giving up on the software – yet!

Digg Exec: Sorry About the Bugs, But Glad You Care!

Digg VP of Product Management Keval Desai finally got a chance to breathe today. He put a positive spin on recent events, telling us that Digg is not proud of recent problems, but it’s excited that its new platform allows the company to iterate quickly.

New Digg CEO Must Grab the Reins and Go

Digg, which is in the midst of a hot-button redesign, has hired a new CEO, long-time Amazon executive Matt Williams, as TechCrunch first reported today and Digg has confirmed to us. Williams was most recently general manager of Amazon’s payments initiative.

Digg Redesign Met with a Thumbs Down

The new version of Digg, which launched yesterday after more than a year of development, doesn’t seem to be winning many fans. The most popular comments on the site’s relaunch are overwhelmingly negative, and hard-core users have spoken out about their dislike of the new features.

Digg Trying Hard — Maybe Too Hard — to Stay Relevant

The new version of Digg finally launched today, although the site had some teething problems for much of the morning. The redesign of the link-sharing social network, which has been in the works for over a year, focuses on a Twitter-style system of “following” other users.

Digg Close to Profits, New CEO Also Just Around the Corner

Digg is close to announcing a new CEO, according to current chief executive Kevin Rose. The Digg co-founder also says the company has annual revenue in the “double-digit millions” and has had several break-even months, and doesn’t feel that it needs to raise any additional cash.

The New Digg Is More Social But Less Unique

For more than a year, Digg has been working on a major redesign of the site, one that makes the social features of the site much more obvious. But the new look could actually make it harder for Digg to stand apart from the social crowd.

Digg Wants to Be the Twitter of News

Digg founder Kevin Rose is pushing forward his first major launch since taking over as CEO and instituting layoffs. Digg version 4, due “very soon,” looks to be a personalized news page that’s a combination of Google Reader, the Facebook news feed and Twitter.

4 Social Media Marketing Tips That Work

Presenters at the Smash Summit on social media marketing in San Francisco today offered up a few solid case studies about tweaks that worked. Here are some of the ones I picked up from Facebook, YouTube, Wildfire Interactive and Digg.

Kevin Rose Becomes CEO in Shake-up at Digg

Jay Adelson, CEO of Digg for the last five years, is stepping down from the gig in order to pursue his “entrepreneurial calling,” he said today. Kevin Rose, founder and long-time public face of the company, will become chairman and CEO.

When Social Replaces Search, What Can You Do to Monetize?

Social web behavior is increasingly filling the need for a traditional search engine, but you can’t monetize the social web by transferring over search advertising. What does that mean for Google, and what are some of the most promising ways startups are filling the gap?

Web's Buildout Boosting Server Chip Demand

Most mid-sized web companies like them are beginning to see the demands on their infrastructure increase, especially as they start to cater to more and more web visitors. Expect a bump in the sales of servers and by extension chips that power these servers.

How Digg Found a Way to Make Money

Digg, in the last five months, has figured out a social media monetization model that makes sense. So much so that its new social media-specific ad formats are already counting for more than a third of its revenue.

Why Bit.ly Will Upstage Digg

Yesterday, New York-based startup incubator Betaworks raised $2 million in funding for its URL-shortener project, Bit.ly, and spun it out as an…

PixelFish Picks Up Eyespot

Video production company PixelFish announced today that it has acquired recently-shut down online video editing/white-label video company Eyespot. Financial terms of the…

Digg CEO: Read My Lips: Not For Sale

Digg says it is not for sale anymore. Really? How many times have we heard that one before? With a $29 million round recently, that was all…

Can Browser Plug-ins Be a Business?

For as long as I can remember, I have been highly skeptical of the concept of browser plug-ins as a business. Whenever I’d learn of a browser plug-in startup fetching millions of dollars in venture funding, I’d just shake my head. And while my skepticism hasn’t really gone away, I am beginning to view a select few of these players with fresh eyes.

Thoof Goes Poof!

This past weekend, Michael Arrington reported that Thoof, an Austin, Texas-based social news site, took a dirt nap. It shouldn’t come as…

Tipjoy's Founders on Passing the Hat

Ivan and Abby Kirigin founded their startup, Tipjoy, to give consumers of free content a new way to pay for the stuff…

Found|LINKS: Mar. 1 – Mar. 7

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Digging on Digg: Early Days on A Deal

Over the holidays, the rumors about the sale of Digg, the social news site, cropped up again, like many times before. Only this time, it has…

Digg To Add Photos To The Mix

Kevin Rose and I discussed the possibility of adding Images section to Digg almost a year ago. Seems like it is finally getting done. Tonight,…