Dick Costolo

How to fix Twitter

If Twitter is broken, it shouldn’t be that hard to fix. Most of Twitter’s ailments are self-inflicted, and curable by a dose of focus. It must define and serve its audience properly, invest in data licensing, and forget about distracting product development.

Twitter tries to make content discovery more personal

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo said there’s still a gap that needs to be bridged between user awareness and user engagement on the platform. Twitter is working to address that gap with a new Discover Tab that will provide even more personalized content for users.

What the Quick Bar Affair Says About Twitter’s Future

A firestorm erupted this weekend over a new Twitter feature known as the “Quick Bar,” designed to show trending topics. The criticisms are a symptom of a larger problem for Twitter: it wants to be a business, and users still see it as a utility.

Will All That Money Make Twitter Too Serious?

After Twitter CEO Dick Costolo wrote on the company’s blog about its funding round from Kleiner Perkins — which values the company at $3.7 billion — the blog post was edited to take some of Costolo’s witticisms out. Is Twitter too rich to have fun?