Exceptional Software finds success in errors

Error reporting is turning into a lucrative business for Exceptional Software, which runs two services and Exceptional now boasts 100,000 customers like Square, Groupon, Skype and others and is profitable without taking outside funding.

iOS enjoys 3-1 advantage over Android in app starts, revenue

Despite the confident words of Google chairman Eric Schmidt, who predicted that Android would be the primary platform for developers, the current trends are still decidedly leaning toward iOS. Mobile analytics firm Flurry found that developers are picking iOS over Android by a 3-1 ratio.

Spotify opens doors to iOS devs with new API

Subscription streaming music service Spotify launched an API on Wednesday that allows third-party iOS developers to integrate Spotify into their apps. Called libspotify, the new resource should allow for some fairly innovative uses of Spotify services, like game and AR integration.

The Danger of Playing in Apple’s Walled Garden

The benefits of building apps for Apple’s iOS are pretty obvious — among other things, access to a huge base of users. But iFlowReader’s experience shows there are some significant downsides as well: the company says Apple’s 30-percent transaction fees have forced it out of business.

Apple Reportedly Adjusts How Apps Are Ranked

Apple is apparently also tweaking its App Store rankings to factor in more than pure download numbers, a welcome sign if true. It could be an attempt to mimic what Google’s done with the Android Market, which now appears to take into account engagement data.

5 Great iPad Tools for Designing Apps

Anyone can have a good idea for a new app. For both developers and non-developers alike, the App Store has a selection of design tools for the iPad that each play a unique role in the process of evolving a good idea into a great one.

Mac Dev Notes: iOS and Android Development Compared

Mobile development currently has but two proven roads to success: Android and iOS. Each road has its own challenges and rewards. The best course of action might be to do both, but if you have to choose, here’s a guide to getting started with either platform.

How Do You Sell Apps When Advertising Doesn’t?

According to a great blog post by taptaptap principal John Casasanta yesterday, advertising your iPhone or iPad application is useless. That begs the question, if you can’t sell apps by advertising them, then what exactly can you do to boost sales?

iOS App Beta Testing Takes With TestFlight

Beta testing iPhone apps has been described by some developers I know as the least fun part of the whole process. That’s something TestFlight aims to help improve upon. The service provides free, over-the-air app beta distribution, and it’s now available to all.

How Apple Should Protect the App Gap

Apple’s iOS App Store offers one thing its competitors don’t: significantly more high quality paid and free apps. The company can hold on to that advantage by paying attention to what changes would make the most difference to developers and app users alike.

Portrait of an Indie iPhone Holiday Game Launch

The holidays are a volatile time for the App Store. With EA and other major studios selling games at bargain basement prices, things got especially crazy this year. One indie developer provides an interesting snapshot of how launching a game amidst the madness works out.

iOS Developers’ Guide to Surviving the Holiday App Rush

For iOS developers, two very important things happen during the holiday season. The first is the App Store freeze, where Apple essentially stops accepting and reviewing app submissions and freezes chart rankings, and the second is big sales increases. Here’s how developers deal with both.

Meet Google’s Evangelist Army

We all know that Google is a giant company, but every now and then we come across a tangible sign of just how enormous and widespread it really is. A list of its “developer advocates,” for example (its software evangelists) has more than 75 names.

3 iOS Game Developers to Watch

Many of the developers we’ve come to know and love on the iPhone platforms started small, but have been acquired by larger companies since achieving success. But there are still smaller players out there, and the products they’re putting out are among the most exciting available.

Ken Yarmosh Q&A: How Non-Developers Can Create Apps

You’re sitting at a cafe with a friend, and all of a sudden you think of the greatest idea ever for an app. But what’s the next step? If you’re an app developer, you can start hashing out the idea, but what if you’re not?

Secret iOS Dev Conference to be Held Next Week

The Business Insider is reporting that Apple will host a select group of iOS developers in California next week, beginning Tuesday and running for three days for a special developer summit. The growth of Android and iOS 4.2 are no doubt on the agenda.

Reading Guide for iPhone App Development

For those of you wanting to learn iPhone development, there are a number of resources available. Besides blogs (like ours) there are a number of books that can help pull things together for new and budding developers.

Why the iPhone Platform is Still the Best Game in Town

What this fundamentally did was change the dynamics of whose customers were they first. The carrier’s or the device manufacture’s? The point that Apple was making, was that consumers would choose Apple products before they would choose a cell phone carrier.

Preparing to Write Your First iPhone App

In future articles I’ll be providing you with tips and tricks for getting your first application up and running. However before we jump into the code, let’s take a step back to consider the building blocks of your first app.

iPhone Dev Sessions: Making a Splash Screen

All too often an iPhone application’s launch sequence is an overlooked detail. The most common approach is to misuse the provided Default.png file as a splash screen. This detailing of an application is more than a little challenging if you want to get it right.

Facebook Co-Founder Launches New Startup

Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes has launched a new startup called Jumo, which he says is creating “an online platform to connect individuals and organizations working to change the world.” In addition to co-founding Facebook, Hughes orchestrated the social-media efforts during Barack Obama’s presidential bid in 2008.

The Few, the Brave — the Army iPhone App

The U.S. Army is launching an “Apps For The Army” competition aimed at developing mobile and web-based applications. A joint venture with iStrategyLabs, the contest involves 100 teams competing over a two-week period for a total of $30,000 in cash awards, overseen by the Army’s CIO.

Google-Android Developers Rift Widens

Updated with comment from Google: A group of Android developers has splintered off and created its own community in the wake of…

AppCubby: iPhone Apps On The Go

App Cubby is an Application Development shop out of San Marcos, Texas, that jumped into the fray of iPhone programming back in…

Hug A Indie Mac Developer Day

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iPhone Development Preview

Craig Hockenberry (of Icon Factory/Twitterific) give us a glimpse of what development will be like for the iPhone via his personal/development blog.…

Bookmarklets are Power Tools for iPhone

LifeClever posted 17 Bookmarklets that iPhone users should be using. For the most part they are simple functionality that would be ideal…