Loren Brichter: Designs on the future of iOS apps

Before he was 25, he’d invented what is now one of the most ubiquitous iOS app features around. At 28, Loren Brichter is continuing to push the boundaries of what an app can do. We sat down and talked about his future and that of iOS.

LayerVault aspires to be a designer’s best friend

LayerVault wants to sit at the center of the universe for designers with its cloud-based application that manages revisions, stores files and helps designers collaborate around designs. The small company, which is backed by Betaworks and SV Angel, is introducing new feedback and delivery tools.

Ive: Most Apple competitors have “completely wrong goals”

How can consumer electronics makers avoid merely matching new Apple features and try to think ahead of the company’s designers? Apple design guru Jonathan Ive did a rare Q&A about Apple’s design process, how inspirations become actual products and why copycat designs often fail.

Video: A Decade of Apple Design

Who would have thought, in early 2000, that Apple would end the decade as the most valuable technology company on the planet? Join me for a visual history of Apple products throughout the decade, and marvel at the software and hardware design ingenuity that was.

Mobilize 2010: Touch Has Won the Interface War

The touch interface has effectively taken over, thanks to the success of the iPhone, and every mobile device maker is trying to catch up and figure out how to use it, mobile designer and former Nokia staffer Christian Lindholm told the GigaOM Mobilize conference on Thursday.

iPad App Design: River of News vs. Twitter

Back in July, I wrote an article rounding up some of the top RSS readers for the iPad. Since posting, I’ve started using a new client, River of News. River of News is simple, elegant, and beautiful. Twitter embraces very different design principles. Which is better?

TechUniversity: DigitalColor Meter

If you’re a designer, especially for the web, a color picker or color sampling tool is almost certainly part of your arsenal. But did you know that OS X actually already includes one?

Apple Hardware Longevity

I don’t think I’ve ever had a device as throughly beaten as this old Mini. So, imagine my surprise when, after months of neglect and mistreatment, the Mini powered on and filled my daughter’s room with music once more.

Don't Let Good Become the Enemy of Great

Why do so many Apple products succeed when their competitors do not, even though they have more features? Because the company focuses its design thinking on several features that really matter, and ignores everything else, says Gmail creator and FriendFeed co-founder Paul Buchheit.

How Smallness Is Changing Hardware

Few design trends for electronic devices have had such a seismic impact as the revolution of smallness. It’s not just that the sizes of devices have shrunk; the mindsets of designers and the whole culture of design have shifted toward all things Lilliputian.

The Pursuit of Perfection: Hidden Gems in Apple Design

If you ask any of the Apple “fanboys” in the world why they are so devoted to Apple, at least one of the reasons you will hear is that Apple “sweats the small stuff” that really proves their dedication to user experience and attention to detail. Here’s a few of my favorites, covering Apple’s attention not just to their hardware and software, but even the product packaging. See how many you may have noticed before, and feel free to add your own that I might have missed in the comments below.

Shiny Things

There was a mention on TUAW the other day of a version of the System Preferences icon made to look like the…

New TAB Live

Well we launched the brand-spankin’ new TAB this evening. The transition was relatively flawless…which is always a plus. I’ll have a full…