Dennis Crowley

Dennis Crowley and the cycle of second-guessing

Dennis Crowley can bask in the positive reviews of Foursquare’s latest software release, but only briefly. Because that praise will soon fade away and once again, he’ll have to deal with the flurry of armchair critics.

Is a backlash over Sparrow’s sale to Google justified?

Google’s decision to buy hot French email startup Sparrow has seen reactions ranging from excited to bitterly disappointed. But while some critics are just hipsters who confuse selling up with selling out, there are plenty of reasons to worry about a purchase by the ‘Plex.

Because of the iPhone, there is an app for that

The true impact of the launch of the iPhone probably has as much to do with the software that was eventually created on Apple smartphone as much as that smartphone itself, thanks to developers who saw an opportunity and a revolutionary approach to mobile software.

The geo-social revolution that wasn’t

SXSW 2012 was all about location-based social interactions, with Highlight being the belle of the ball. But for all the hype ahead of the show, a number of people I ran into there didn’t seem to understand why they would even want to use these apps.

Foursquare finds opportunities in the past

Foursquare has increasingly shifted its sights from the present to the future, looking at how it can help recommend relevant places where people should go. But we’re seeing that the location-based network is also finding a lot of opportunities in leveraging the past.

Foursquare’s Dennis Crowley: Location Will Connect Us

Foursquare is tiny compared to emerging location giants Google or Facebook. But when it comes to location-based services, Dennis Crowley is viewed as one of the few people who can look into the future and see the redefinition of Internet and web services based on location.

Startup Lessons From Foursquare’s Dennis Crowley

In response to a question on the Q&A site Quora, Foursquare founder and CEO Dennis Crowley provided his top five tips for entrepreneurs. He also threw in a bonus answer that suggests how he feels about critics and the arrival of competitors such as Facebook.

Foursquare Hits 4 Million Users

Foursquare which launched in March 2009, took a year to get its first million users. Since then it has been on a tear. It has taken the service 50 days to add a million to bring up its total to 4 million, says CEO Dennis Crowley.

Tale of the Tweet: Foursquare Founder Tells Facebook to Bring It

Some analysts are assuming that Facebook’s new location feature will crush Foursquare, the startup that has popularized the location-based service business, because of the sheer size of the giant social network. But Foursquare founder Dennis Crowley says he is confident that his company will ultimately win.

The Twitter Highlights of Foursquare CEO's Where 2.0 Talk

If you couldn’t make it to Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley’s presentation at the Where 2.0 conference, here’s a selection of the most interesting tweets posted by attendees who were watching the presentation. It’s just a sample though – Crowley went through 70 slides in 15 minutes.