Like Apple, IBM doing its own thing

Steve Lohr, perhaps one of the most underrated tech writers at the New York Times in a post argues that I.B.M. is no longer a tech bellwether as it is no longer part of the pack and instead it is pushing the envelope. Much like Apple!

OpenStack embraces ARM in latest cloud move

A new ARM-based OpenStack cloud comes online this week, courtesy of HP, Calxeda and Canonical. The new “TryStack” facility gives developers who want to test out OpenStack clouds another flavor to try. The news comes out of the OSCON conference this week.

Would Quest buy help Dell?

Dell may buy Quest Software in a bid to bolster its overall software management play, according to a Bloomberg report. Quest makes management software and tools that could help Dell to become an enterprise services provider — a long-time goal for the PC maker.

Morphlabs, Dell pitch all-SSD private cloud

Morphlab’s latest mCloud uses uses all solid-state disks while also claiming Amazon Web Services-like pricing. The company’s newest offering, which is part of a partnership with Dell, targets service providers that want to add private cloud computing capabilities that interoperate with AWS as needed.

Has OpenStack finally won over IBM?

Is IBM joining OpenStack? It sure looks like it, according to one OpenStack contributor page, which lists IBM having joined as of February 2. There has been no announcement, but given IBM’s open source bent, an OpenStack membership makes sense for the computing giant.

Cisco touts 10,000 server customers

Less than three years in, that’s a very big number, especially since data center buyers tend to be a conservative bunch. Cisco’s Unified Computing Systems definitely has legs, but it still hasn’t cracked the top five server vendors. Rival HP still holds the top slot.

The CES Lowdown: 1-12-12

Here’s a look at what’s been going on at the giant electronics show that is CES:

»  Nokia (NYSE: NOK) Could Sell 37 Million Windo…

Opscode gets Chef cooking for the enterprise

Opscode, the configuration management company that has rethought the way to deploy and monitor hardware and software for cloud environments, has emerged from beta and launched a product specifically for the enterprise. Along the way it learned something about enterprise cloud adoption.

Power Assure Pushes Standard for Energy Consumption of Servers

Startup Power Assure has new software to align data center cooling and servers power use — along with a new metric for measuring server energy needs that could become a new standard for the industry. Underwriters Laboratories is on board with the metric as are industry players.

After a Big Quarter, Dell Should Make a Big Data Buy

After a $15.7 billion fourth quarter that put Dell over the $60 billion revenue mark for the year, Michael Dell got to talking once again about his company’s acquisition strategy, suggesting that more software purchases are indeed on the way.

Video: Dell Streak’s Peppy Engine Under a Limited Hood

My first impressions of the Dell Streak 7 tablet weren’t favorable. After a few more days of use, I’m more impressed by the speed and performance of this dual core, HSPA+ Android tablet. But as you can see here, usage is tempered by the mediocre display.

EMC’s Low-End Launch Makes Dell Look Prescient

With the launch is its new low-end VNX line, EMC shifted focus away from its high-end Symmetrix products and down to the other end of the spectrum. And, all of a sudden, Dell’s move to acquire Compellent looks much smarter.

Dell Recovers from 3PAR Loss By Buying Compellent

After losing out on 3PAR to HP, Dell satisfied its storage fix by securing an agreement to buy Compellent Technologies for $960 million. The deal gives Dell a solid enterprise-class storage maker that can help bulk up Dell’s data center offering.

Dell, Compellent Talk Sale; Will This One Close?

Compellent announced today that it is in talks with Dell about a possible acquisition. Compellent would be a nice score for Dell. After failing to close the deal with 3PAR over the summer, Dell still needs a big acquisition to bolster its storage lineup.

Why Is Storage So Hot? Cisco Provides a Clue.

In 2009, Cisco launched its Unified Computing System. It signaled to data center equipment vendors that the separation between servers, networking, and storage was gone. With that single move, the industry set forth on a course to consolidate. Here’s a play by play since then:

Nov. 8: What We’re Reading About the Cloud

If you’re wondering how IT will look a few years down the road, today’s links provide might provide some ideas: ARM-based servers, cloud-based databases, hefty Big Data investments and Dell possessing a larger piece of the enterprise pie.

Nov. 3: What We’re Reading About the Cloud

What’s new in the cloud computing world today? How about Oracle working for API interoperability, the White House pushing cloud-specific security guidelines, Dell potentially getting into the cloud-provider business, and a discussion of why cloud-based products can up-end the traditional sales model.

Dell’s Boomi Buy: Here’s What It Means

Dell made a left turn in its cloud computing acquisition strategy today by acquiring SaaS integration startup Boomi. Most of Dell’s cloud purchases and partnerships have been on the infrastructure front – Scalent, DynamicOps, Joyent, Egenera, 3PAR (attempted) – but Boomi is a straight-up application play.

Dell Notebooks on Sprint with Integrated 3G/4G

Sprint continues to promote its growing 4G network through the offer of two Dell notebooks that have integrated 3G and 4G connectivity. The notebooks include the 10-inch Inspiron Mini 10 Netbook and the 11.6-inch Inspiron 11z Notebook. The netbook is free with a 2-year data plan.

Stat Shot: The Big 11 Tech Acquirers

Fundamental changes in networking and computing are leading to new business models, new services and shifts in corporate and consumer behavior. It’s also leading to a lot of M&A activity as companies jockey for position before the ongoing technology shift settles into the new status quo.

HP Will Pay $2.4 Billion for 3PAR

UPDATED: For months at length, Fremont, Calif.-based storage company, 3PAR could barely get above $10 a share. And then a couple of weeks ago, Dell changed that with a $18 a share offer to buy the company. Now, HP is offering $33 a share.

The Bidding for 3PAR Gets Insane. HP Counters Again

Hewlett Packard is offering $30 a share in cash for 3PAR, shortly after Dell raised its bid to $27 a share. At $30-a-share, 3PAR is now valued at $2 billion. HP’s board has approved the transaction. Will Dell up the ante?

3PAR Says Yes To Dell, No to HP… Again

It took $24.30 a share — roughly a quarter and nickel more than what HP offered — for in-play storage company 3PAR to say yes to Dell, even though it makes more sense for HP to acquire 3PAR. Now Dell’s offering $1.6 billion net.

Why HP’s 3PAR Bid Makes Sense

At first look, the idea of Hewlett-Packard paying $1.6 billion for 3PAR and outbidding makes no sense. But it needs 3PAR in order to compete with EMC, IBM and Hitachi Data Systems in the storage arena. Too bad that leaves Dell out in the cold.

Now HP Wants 3PAR, Will Pay $1.6 Billion

A few days after Dell offered to buy enterprise storage company 3PAR for $1.15 billion, Hewlett-Packard says it’s willing to pay up to $24 a share, or $1.6 billion. The bidding war is a sign that the time for enterprise cloud-styled storage is here to stay.

Dell Streak Exposed — Teardown by ifixit

The folks at ifixit have a strange fetish for taking gadgets apart, and they’ve bared the Dell Streak to show us what is inside the little slate. They found the Streak easy to take apart, which should make it easy to service should the need arise.

Dell Streak Hits U.S., AT&T Aug. 12

Dell will start selling the 5-inch Dell Streak on August 12, either through partnership with AT&T for $299.99 (contract required) or $549.99 without a carrier. The Streak is an Android tablet that is thin and light while sporting a screen larger than most smartphones.

8 iPhone 4 Alternatives to Consider

There’s much to like about Apple’s newly unveiled iPhone 4, but not everyone wants an iPhone, either due to the lock-in to Apple’s software ecosystem, issues with AT&T’s network or some other reason. Here are eight iPhone alternatives to consider — a pair for each carrier.

Dell Streak: iPad Competition or Design Blunder?

While some of the earliest contenders to the iPad’s throne seem like they won’t be contending at all, other major personal electronics players are stepping forward to challenge Apple on the tablet front. Including Dell, who recently unveiled the Streak, an Android-based touchscreen device.

The Big Bad Bite of the Apple

Apple was given up for dead by many of its competitors. Its products drew snickers but in the end Steve Jobs & Co. prevailed. Market cap of $235 billion puts it behind Exxon and Microsoft. Its one-time nemesis, Dell is worth only $33 billion.

Two Android Tablets Streaking from Dell

Dell is ramping up for the hot consumer slate market with two more Android-powered tablets on the horizon. Hopefully, these two devices aren’t hobbled by restrictions to the Android Market like some current devices.

The (R)evolution of Mobile

The technologies of mobile have evolved at a breakneck pace, and we’re entering a place where conventional and mobile tech begin to merge for those in the mainstream. Devices that can be untethered from the desktop, while remaining connected at broadband speeds, will soon be expected.

MobileTechRoundup 200 — Like the iPad, We’re LIVE!

This week’s podcast was both recorded and live — offering audience participation in the chat room. Find out who ordered an iPad, which one and why? Plus some hands on time with the latest multitouch netbook from Viliv and thoughts on the Dell Mini 5.

Kindle for Android Finally Coming Soon?

Wondering where the Amazon Kindle for Android app is? You’re not the only one. New promotional documents for Dell’s Mini 5 Android device show a big clue that an Amazon Kindle for Android app is on the way.

Dell Faces Hang-ups With Android Smartphone

Dell is partnering with AT&T to come to market on its home turf with an Android-based smartphone. But the company faces an enormous challenge in carving out a share of the cutthroat market.

Can Android Tablets Find a Market?

A small wave of Android tablets is coming to market, giving users a better mobile web experience than smartphones can offer without adding the heft of a netbook. But can the smaller, sleeker tablets succeed where so many other MIDs have failed?

30″ LCD Showdown: Apple vs. Dell

In my quest to upgrade an aging dual-monitor setup, a 20” main screen with a 17” screen off to the side to house application palettes, iTunes, etc., the only question in my mind was choosing between an Apple 30” Cinema Display and a Dell 30” UltraSharp Widescreen. In this article, I’m covering both monitors from an average user’s perspective – and you may be surprised what this Apple-fanatic found.

Dell Forms MVNO In Japan

Dell has formed an MVNO in Japan, selling new laptops with built-in no-configure HSPA internet access — using DoCoMo’s 7.2 Mpbs wireless ne…

With a New Server, Cisco Pushes "Comm-puting" Strategy

In a matter of hours, Cisco Systems will announce its much awaited lineup of server products, furthering its theme of unified computing. The move is part of an ongoing effort at Cisco to find new revenue opportunities that go beyond switches, routers and wireless devices.

Plextor Debuts Qflix Drives

Sonic’s Qflix technology, which allows you to download and burn legal copies of movies and videos direct to DVD, hasn’t garnered much…

FCC Gives Whites Spaces a Boost

The Federal Communications Commission has released an engineering report that increases the chances for a new wireless broadband network operating in the so-called white spaces in the unused spectrum between digital TV channels.

HP Keeps Pushing Touch

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that within 18 months HP plans to have multiple touchscreen products, including a laptop, “that use…

Dell Declares It's "Carbon Neutral"

Dell said this morning that it has achieved its “carbon neutral” goal in less than a year’s time — about five months…

GigaOM Interview: Michael Dell, CEO & Founder of Dell Inc.

At Fortune Brainstorm conference last week I sat down with Michael Dell, founder and chief executive officer of computer hardware maker Dell. Our conversation covered everything from cloud computing to the likelihood of Dell entering the smartphone business to the advantages of being a founder. Here are edited excerpts from that interview.

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